24 Unique Gifts for Metal Detectorists

gifts for metal detectorists


The excitement of discovery, the exhilaration of digging up long-buried booty, and the magnetism of the mysterious are what propel metal detectorists on their quests across beaches and fields. Channeling their inner pirate, these enthusiasts seek treasures just as one might search for the perfect gift for someone venturing to Florida’s sunny coasts or Hawaii’s lush paradises. Ever celebrated their triumphant moments as they flaunt their recent discoveries? If so, grab a map, set your course, and let’s go hunting for the ideal present! Our handpicked collection promises to delight. Based on extensive evaluations and insights, we believe these selections are perfectly tailored to elevate their treasure-seeking adventures.


What Do Metal Detectorists Find?

Metal detectorists unearth a wide range of items that carry both historical and personal significance. From ancient coins and relics of bygone eras to modern-day jewelry lost by beachgoers, their finds paint a fascinating picture of the past. In some instances, detectorists have even stumbled upon significant archaeological discoveries, pushing back the pages of history.


However, it’s not just about the tangible items. Every find has a story, an echo from the past, or perhaps a recent memory. And every metal detectorist cherishes the excitement of that ‘eureka’ moment, no matter the value of their find.


What Do I Need For Metal Detecting?

Metal detecting is more than just waving a detector around. To maximize the chances of discoveries, one needs a proper set of tools and equipment. This includes:


  1. A Reliable Metal Detector: The primary tool of the trade. Modern detectors come with features like ground balancing and target discrimination
  2. Headphones: To clearly hear the beeps and signals, which could indicate a potential find.
  3. Digging Tools: These can range from hand trowels to full-sized shovels, ensuring a detectorist can safely extract their discovery without damage.
  4. Pinpointer: A handheld device to locate the exact position of the find.
  5. Protective Gear: Like gloves, to ensure safety during digging.
  6. A Finds Pouch or Bag: For safekeeping of discoveries.


With the above equipment, your friend or familiy member can comfortably and efficiently continue their explorations. And speaking of equipment, are you ready to explore some top-notch gift ideas that could become an integral part of their next adventure? Let’s dive into the list!


Our Pick

The Metal Detecting Handbook

Venturing into the world of metal detecting? Mark Smith's "The Metal Detecting Handbook" is the guide you've been hoping for. With vibrant tales of buried treasures and nuggets of wisdom, this book dispels myths and unlocks the secrets of detecting. It's not just about the thrill of the hunt but also about unearthing history and embracing adventure. A perfect gift for both novices and many detectorists looking to deepen their knowledge.

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Funny Happy Birthday Card

Ever thought of gifting humor? This Birthday Card does just that. Its vibrant design combined with the cheeky message ensures a memorable impression. Crafted with a glossy cover and a smooth interior, it provides the perfect canvas for your personal messages. In our opinion, it's a playful, unique choice for any birthday celebration. Plus, it's made responsibly, reflecting care for our environment.

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Starter Metal Detector Kit for Kids

Ignite the spark of curiosity in your young one with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Starter Metal Detector Kit for Kids. Designed with children in mind, its lightweight build, easy functionality, and the included heavy-duty trowel makes it a great gift idea. The full-color learning guide dives deep into the history of metal detecting, ensuring it's not just fun, but educational too. Dive into this hobby and introduce your child to a world of buried treasures!

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Fenix Headlamp

For the treasure hunter who loves to explore after dark, the Fenix HM50R v2.0 is an exceptional choice. Lightweight and versatile, it emits a powerful 700-lumen beam, while its auxiliary red light ensures nighttime vision isn't compromised. We've tested its durability, and with an IP68 waterproof rating, it can truly withstand harsh conditions. Plus, the 90-degree angle flashlight functionality makes it essential for night-time metal detecting.

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Cold Steel Bush Ranger

The Cold Steel Bush Ranger isn't just a knife; it's a statement of preparedness. Crafted with precision, the blade ensures reliability in every slice. With an overall length of 8 3/8 inches, it's a compact yet potent addition to any treasure hunting kit. And, as many detectorists would affirm, a reliable knife is often the unsung hero during field adventures.

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Gerber Gear Multi- Tool

Gift the essential toolkit for life's adventures with the Gerber Gear Multi-Tool. Featuring 12-in-1 functionalities, it's crafted from stainless steel and boasts an aluminum handle, ensuring longevity. Whether it's for a family member who loves camping or a friend deeply interested in DIY projects, this tool integrates seamlessly into any hobby, making it one of the best gifts for the practical-minded.

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Metal Detector Accessories

We've tested numerous metal detecting accessories, and this set from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC stands out. Seamlessly aiding in the excavation of buried treasures, these tools are especially tailored for effectiveness. The heavy-duty plastic ensures longevity without causing false alarms during metal detecting. Whether you're sifting through the beach or hard soil, this set promises to be a treasured companion.

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Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Transition from thirst-quenching to meal-prepping seamlessly with this multi-purpose stainless steel bottle. Its design is optimal for campers, accommodating ice cubes, and water filters. Best of all, it serves as a compact replacement for bulky campfire cook equipment. When hunger hits after a long day of metal detecting, this bottle can be placed directly into the fire, ensuring a warm meal in the great outdoors.

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Metal Detector Shovel for Digging

This robust manganese steel shovel is the companion every detectorist needs. Designed for intense digging and equipped with a double serrated edge, it’s not just a tool, but an extension of every treasure hunter’s hand.

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Wooden Display Case

Cherish your discoveries with this wooden display case. With a tempered glass lid, it beautifully showcases your treasured finds, making it a metal detecting gift every enthusiast would appreciate. Crafted with wood and a sturdy metal clasp, it combines elegance with functionality.

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Metal Detector Pinpointer

A high-sensitivity pinpointer that allows users to swiftly scan and hone in on treasures. Boasting lightweight design, partial waterproofing, and an easy-to-use single button operation, it's an invaluable gift for metal detecting enthusiasts.

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Metal Detector for Adults

This detector is an impressive blend of technology and utility, offering five distinct modes, a large LCD display, and a powerful waterproof search coil. Paired with its essential accessories, it's an all-in-one package for those passionate about treasure hunting.

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Metal Detecting Log Book

More than just a log book, this is a metal detectorist's diary. With ample space to document finds, strategies, and notes, it's a thoughtful gift for those eager to chronicle their metal detecting experiences.

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Sand Scoop for Metal Detecting

A beachcombing essential, this stainless steel scoop is meticulously designed to sift through sand and retain the treasures found. Its quality construction and ergonomic grip make it a top pick for any metal detecting outing by the sea.

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Metal Detecting Finds Waist Pouch

An essential among metal detecting accessories, our tested waist pouch is more than just a holder. Crafted with durable fabric and strong zippers, it ensures safekeeping of your cherished finds like coins and relics. Water-resistant and portable, it's a great gift idea for the ardent artifact hunter.

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Professional Knee Pads

Discover the blend of premium construction and utmost comfort. With soft EVA foam that feels like a cushion and a breathable polyester mesh, these knee pads redefine comfort. Given our experience, they're ideal for metal detecting enthusiasts, gardening, or construction, ensuring safety and ease.

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Work Gloves

Equip yourself with our trusted gloves. Featuring a synthetic leather palm, foam padding, and spandex back, these gloves ensure durability without compromising on flexibility. With touch screen fingertips and padded palms, they're a perfect gift for those engaged in light-duty work or metal detecting.

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Metal Detector Headphones

In our opinion, these headphones, especially designed for Teknetics metal detectors, elevate the metal detecting experience. Offering individual volume controls and soft leatherette earpiece pads, they ensure comfort. A great gift idea for metal detectorists seeking quality and performance.

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Cleaning Brush & Hook Kit

If you've ever tried your hand at metal detecting, you'll know the importance of keeping your finds pristine. The Cleaning Brush & Hook Kit not only proves essential for gun maintenance but, in our opinion, is a must-have for every detectorist. The six brushes and two hooks allow for meticulous cleaning of coins and relics. The included carrying pouch ensures your accessories stay organized, turning this kit into one of the perfect gift ideas for those passionate about detecting.

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Stainless Steel Pickaxe

Every metal detecting enthusiast knows that a good tool can make all the difference when digging up a potential find. Crafted with care, the Stainless Steel Pickaxe stands out with its laser-welded connection and anti-slip corrugated design. Whether you're in the midst of a treasure hunt or tending to your garden, this pickaxe is both functional and durable. A must-have in the kit of any serious detectorist.

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Hooded Rain Poncho

Never let unpredictable weather put a damper on your treasure hunting again. This Hooded Rain Poncho, made from rip-resistant polyester, ensures you stay dry during unexpected downpours. Its reinforced corners and quality buttons make it an enduring choice. For those who love to brave the elements in search of buried treasure, this poncho proves to be the ideal companion. In our tested experience, it's a gift that promises both protection and style.

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Rain Boots

In our opinion, these boots offer the ideal combination of durability and comfort. Built for wear in challenging environments, they're resistant to a range of substances from agricultural chemicals to animal waste. The unique scalloped top-line design aids in easy flexing while the contour cushion insole supports the arch and heel. A great gift for those who work outdoors or love adventurous treks in the wild.

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Safari Hat

Though it might make you look reminiscent of a zookeeper or a safari guide, the Safari Hat is a must-have for every metal detectorist. Made from robust cotton fiber, this hat is your first line of defense against the unrelenting summer sun, shielding both your face and neck. Its adjustable drawstring ensures it fits just right, and its compact foldability is perfect for on-the-go treasure hunting. It's not just a hat; it's an adventurer's essential. A fantastic gift for those who cherish metal detecting adventures.

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Gold Metal Detector

Embarking on a treasure hunting journey? The VR10000 Gold Metal Detector, in our tested opinion, is an asset for both novice and pro explorers. Harnessing an advanced radar system, it zeros in on gold, precious stones, and even elusive diamond deposits with uncanny precision. What sets it apart is its resilience against varied terrains and weather conditions, and its cutting-edge smart chip that boosts its detecting accuracy. Truly, a metal detecting gift like no other.

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