Finding the Best Gift for Someone Going to Hawaii: 29 Unique Ideas

gift for someone going to hawaii


Are you on the hunt for the ideal gift for someone going to Hawaii? Whether it’s a relaxing getaway or a business trip, selecting the right Hawaiian-themed gift can greatly enhance their experience. Our carefully curated list features a range of thoughtful and practical Hawaiian gift ideas perfect for any traveler. Plus, for those specifically shopping for young adventurers, be sure to explore our specialized travel gift list for teens.


What Not to Forget When Traveling to Hawaii?

Ensure a smooth and enjoyable flight with engaging reads and a camera to capture stunning Hawaiian vistas. Remember to pack portable chargers to keep devices powered up for every adventure.


What Should a Woman Bring to Hawaii?

For the stylish beachgoer, think of chic swimwear, sun hats, sunglasses, and flip-flops. An insulated picnic basket is also a thoughtful addition for anyone looking to savor Hawaii’s beauty while dining outdoors.


What is a Good Gift to Bring to Hawaii?

When picking the perfect gift for a trip to Hawaii, think of items that embody the spirit and beauty of the islands. It’s all about enhancing the Hawaiian adventure with thoughtful touches.

Below, we’ve handpicked a variety of gifts that are sure to enrich any Hawaiian escapade. Whether they’re practical must-haves or charming keepsakes, each selection is designed to elevate the Hawaiian holiday experience and leave a lasting impression. Let’s explore these gifts that are not just thoughtful but also a true reflection of Hawaii’s enchanting allure.



Big Island Tour Guide

Seeking an impeccable gift idea for someone who loves Hawaii? Look no further than “Lonely Planet Hawaii the Big Island 5”! Loaded with information including detailed maps, top attractions, insider tips, and more; it’s guaranteed to present your girlfriend or boyfriend with the plushy pillow of wisdom they need for their next Hawaiian expedition. Perfect for any sassy sun-ripened shopper seeking Hawaii gift ideas.



Tiki Toss Ring Toss Game

Give your Hawaiian-loving friend the gift of endless fun with this Tiki Toss Ring Toss game for adults–13 inch Surfboard Edition! This classic Hawaiian themed game is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, so your pal can take their Hawaiian style to their own backyard or game room. It’s easy to set up–all they need to do is hang it up with the included rope and post screws, then toss the durable wooden ring.


Travel Journal

Not only will this thoughtful gift help them capture their trip memories, it’ll also give them something to look through when they’re back home and suffering from post-vacation blues! Full of photographs and stories detailing what happened during their Hawaiian adventures, your giftee will find endless amusement in this unique present. Plus, this Hawaii gift will last for years to come if taken care of. Perfect for an old soul. So why wait?



Hawaii Candle

If you know someone who loves Hawaiian themed gifts, why not lighten up their home with a Hawaii candle with scents of pineapple and coconut? They can get in the vacation state of mind by smelling the sweet aroma of this special candle while they relax in their favorite chair or wander around their living room. It even allows grandma and grandpa far away to take part in the tropical experience!



Hawaii Jandal

The JANDAL is a great Hawaii themed gift option for someone planning to visit the Aloha State. Not only does this gift make you look ultra-chic, but it also doubles as an economical travel accessory as it folds up into your bag or pocket. Plus, let’s face it–these days when travel options are limited, rocking a boho Hawaii Light JANDAL is one way of getting a taste of island life without actually going to Hawaii!



Kona Coffee

If you want to show someone how much aloha you have for them, give them the gift of Kona Kauai Hawaiian ground coffee! With this delectable Hawaiian treat, your special someone will get cozy with a cup full of all-natural Kona coffee, reflecting upon their prized traditional Hawaiian gift.



Tasmanian Tiger Hip Bag

The ever-so stylish Tasmanian Tiger unisex-adult Modular Hip Bag is a great gift for your Hawaii-loving mate or family member! Not only is it super fashionable and comes in various colors, such as brown, but it’ll also leave them with plenty of storage space for those important summer beach trips. With this Modular Hip Bag, Hawaii lovers will have an all time relaxing time at the beach!



Passport Holder

If you have a wife or husband who loves Hawaii travel and would never pass up the opportunity to fly to their personal paradise, then one of the best gifts for them might be a passport wallet! They can proudly show off all the stamps on their passport when they, understandably, get asked where they’ve been.



Travel Pillow

How about a travel pillow with a100% pure memory foam and with a comfortable and breathable cover? Not only is it cozy and, but its unique shape helps provide neck, shoulder and head support while you’re on the road. Plus, it’s easy to pack into luggage, so your Hawaiian traveler can take this comfort companion on the go! Make their Hawaii trip extra special with this fantastic present – they may even want to thank you with a postcard!



Beach Towel

Nothing says Hawaiian gifts more than a lightweight and large oversized beach towel! Everyone loves lounging on the sand and nothing opens up the doors to better relaxation than an extra big beach towel. Whether they’re off for a beach day or simply basking in the sunlight on their lawn, your thoughtful gift is sure to spark joy.



Aloha Shirt

Give your special someone outstanding Hawaiian gifts and make them feel like they’re on an island getaway every time they wear it. Aloha beach shirts are a heartfelt, festive way to show someone that you love them. Not only do they feature traditional tropical prints that will have everyone wanting to visit Hawaii, but they are also lightweight, breathable and quick-drying – making them perfect for the summer months!



Travel Blanket

If you’re searching for Hawaii gift ideas, check out this premium soft travel blanket. Think of how happy you would be if you received such a delightful present – just picture the delighted recipient sitting on the plane to their Hawaiian paradise, wrapped in luxurious comfort and relaxation.



Luggage Travel Cup Holder

Great gift ideas for someone who loves to travel are, for example, a travel cup holder. This amazing device can hold two coffee mugs and fit on a roll-on suitcase handle. It might even make catching their flight easier without their hands being full of beverages! For someone off to Hawaii for some sun and surf, this is an absolute must – it’s great for grabbing a much needed coffee while running between terminals!



Bluetooth Speaker

Is your birthday present-shopping list getting long? If you want to make sure the recipient remembers your gift among all the other Hawaii gifts, they’re sure to receive. Why not give them something fantastic–like a wireless Bluetooth speaker? With its beachy design and robust sound system that’s perfect for listening to those ukulele beach jams or tropical reggae beats, this little speaker will be the life of the party, whether it’s on the beach or in their backyard. Plus, it won’t take up much luggage space on their way home — so you know they’ll thank you later!



Water Shoes

How about a pair of water shoes? They are not only functional, but can double as a smiling reminder of the Hawaiian vacation they’re planning every time they slip them on. Perfect as a Hawaii gift for activities like snorkeling and swimming, water shoes are comfy, stylish, and provide good grip in wet conditions – all needed qualities when you’re trying to navigate the beach or reef shore!



Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen

Give your traveler who’s jetting off to Hawaii some Hawaiian Tropic SPF 50 Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen. Not only will it protect them from the sandy beach rays, but they’ll also look stylish and tropical with one of the best Hawaiian gift ideas. Plus, a great tan is one of the best souvenirs to bring home! Not to fear, though, enough sun protection means no burning!



Travel Scratch Off World Map

The Travel Map – Scratch Off World Map poster is a great gift idea, especially for a free spirit. This special item allows them to scratch off their exact footprints as they explore unknown places, and with Hawaii already on their list, it only leaves more room for adventure!



Pineapple Neon Sign

Shopping for Hawaiian gifts can be a hard task – you need something special to capture the spirit of aloha! This bright and cheerful creation is the perfect addition to any space that could use a vibrant tropical glow. Get this unique pineapple neon sign as a gift and get ready to watch your friends’ faces light up with delight!



ALOHA Organic Plant Based Protein Bars

Give the gift of Hawaiian-inspired health this season and show your special someone the aloha spirit with these ALOHA protein bars. Our Hawaiian gifts have never been healthier! Choose from a range of flavors to brighten someone’s day while they take in all the beautiful sights Hawaii offers. Mahalo!



Bladeless Neck Fan

When thinking of Hawaii gift ideas, there is nothing more practical or useful than a neck fan with 360° Airflow. This portable USB fan is hands-free and rechargeable – making it the perfect item for anyone who goes to Hawaii and needs to stay cool while they explore the island. And with its small size and sleek design, this mini cooling fan makes an excellent choice as a Hawaii gift that is sure to impress.




If you’re looking for Hawaii gifts that are sure to please, then why not consider the comedy-drama Aloha with Bradley Cooper? It’s a great way for the Hawaii-bound giftee to get in the Hawaiian spirit before their arrival – and maybe even figure out what being quiet an’ driving means. Plus, the movie takes place on location in Hawaii, so it’s like a virtual vacation for the recipient of this Hawaii gift! And who knows? Watching Aloha just might give them some travel tips or insight into fun activities to do once they make it over.



50 First Dates

The classic 50 First Dates movie is the perfect Hawaii gift for anyone who loves a good romantic comedy. Adam Sandler stars in this hilarious movie about a man, Henry, who falls in love with Lucy, the girl of his dreams. Sadly, Lucy has short-term memory loss, so she wakes up every day believing it’s the same day. Henry then must win her heart repeatedly each day. Believe it or not, you could relate this to someone visiting Hawaii – each time they visit they’ll have a unique and beautiful experience!



Water Bottle with Straw

One of the best Hawaii gifts you could get for someone off to the islands is an insulated filtered water bottle with a straw! Not only will it keep their water tasting clean and free of impurities, but the convenient straw component will make them look like a pro tourist! With its insulation technology, they can chill out knowing their drink won’t be ruined by rising temperatures.



Hawaii Socks

Let’s find the perfect Hawaii gifts for someone who’s constantly at the beach. Look no further than Hawaiian socks – these fun and quirky items make great Hawaiian themed gifts for someone in love with the islands. Make sure your Hawaii-loving friend stands out from the other tourists by giving them socks featuring bright Hawaiian flower prints or tropical fish designs.



Hawaiian Make Up Bag

Is your friend or loved one a Hawaiian-themed lover? Why not surprise them with the perfect gift – a pineapple makeup bag in them! This unique and quirky gift will be remembered. Perfect for summer beach trips and tropical getaways, this thoughtful gift will make any recipient smile as soon as it’s opened.




Hawaii is the perfect locale for someone to experience the sheer bliss of a hammock, and if you know someone who’s headed there on vacation and needs Hawaii’s gift ideas, why not give them a nod to Hawaii’s beauty while they’re away? A lightweight travel hammock is packable and makes the perfect surprise for those exploring Hawaii’s lush outdoors.



Hawaiian Beach Hat

Whether a stylish sun protector or a great fashion accessory, this hat has it all and is a great Hawaiian gift. With its chic tropical design and lightweight comfort, your giftee will turn heads while they’re lying on the beach or exploring Waikiki! Even better, the ocean-toned materials bring out those Hawaiian vibes and make the perfect gift for that special someone with great taste and even better adventures ahead.



Phone Tripod

For the Hawaiian-loving mate in your life, consider the gift of a phone tripod! Hawaiian culture is all about capturing the moment and sharing it with family and friends–and what better way to accomplish this than by using a high-quality phone tripod to snap amazing photos? It will make them chuckle as they capture picturesque moments while vacationing with an aloha spirit!




Who is the Most Famous Hawaiian Singer?

One of the most famous Hawaiian singers is Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, known for his rendition of the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. He is remembered for his unique style and vocal range. Other notable Hawaiian musicians include Jake Shimabukuro, Keali’i Reichel, and Brother Noland.




Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World

For anyone who loves visiting Hawaii or for those who wish they could visit, a Hawaiian themed gift is the perfect way to bring a bit of paradise into their lives. Not only is this ukulele player’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” one of the most recognizable Hawaiian songs ever, but Kamakawiwo’ole’s soothing baritone and acoustic guitar playing capture the essence of Hawaii in a way no other artist can. This album will bring some warm aloha vibes to any Hawaii enthusiast!



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