36 Gifts for an Old Soul: Timeless Ideas for the Vintage Love

gifts for an old soul


Do you know someone who’s an old soul trapped in a modern world? Someone who listens to vinyl records, longs for the days of handwritten letters, and adores all things vintage?


What to Gift an Old Soul?

Choosing a present for an old soul is like searching for a hidden treasure; it’s not about the latest gadgets or trending items. Instead, it’s about finding something that speaks to their soul—a unique blend of nostalgia, wisdom, and timeless beauty. Old souls have a charm that is both calming and captivating, and the gifts you give should echo that same magic.


How Do You Deal with an Old Soul?

The answer is simple: with authenticity, depth, and a genuine appreciation for the qualities that make them unique. An old soul isn’t just someone who loves vintage; they’re often thoughtful, introspective individuals who appreciate meaningful connections and timeless experiences. They’re the kinds of people who make life richer just by being in it.

Now, let’s get into the heart of the matter. Here, we have compiled a list of 21 gifts for an old soul—each one carefully selected to enchant, delight, and inspire. So stick around, because you’re about to discover timeless ideas for the vintage lover in your life.


Our Pick

LEGO Ideas Typewriter

Who says toys are only for kids? This intricate LEGO set brings back the bygone charm of the typewriter, complete with the satisfying clack of keys and moving carriage. With over 2,000 pieces, this model kit is not only a joy to assemble, but also serves as an aesthetically pleasing display piece. The kit even includes a letter from LEGO's legacy, making it a great gift for anyone who cherishes the beauty of retro designs or seeks a challenging build.

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Scrabble, Monopoly, and Clue Vintage Bookshelf Collection

Game nights just got a stylish upgrade! Featuring vintage graphic designs inspired by classic editions, this elegant set of three all-time favorite board games looks as good on your shelf as it is fun to play. Ideal for gatherings among old souls and young spirits alike, it offers endless hours of entertainment.

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80’s Cassette Tape Dispenser & Pen Supply Holder

Turn your workspace into a time capsule of the 1980s! This unique desk organizer is shaped like an oversized mixtape, bringing nostalgia and practicality to your day. It features two compartments to hold your writing instruments and a shallow section for smaller items like paper clips. Plus, it serves as a functional tape dispenser. It's not just practical; it’s a journey back to the era of rock 'n' roll and boomboxes. If you’re hunting for Christmas gift ideas that infuse fun and function, this desk organizer hits the right note.

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Nostalgic 6-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player

Invite the charm of yesteryears into your home with this multifunctional entertainment center. Not only does it play your beloved vinyl records, but it also accommodates CDs, cassettes, and even streams music via Bluetooth. Whether you're new to vinyl or a longtime enthusiast, it’s a comprehensive experience for music lovers.

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Decorative Ceramic Vase

Wake up to a burst of orange and retro design. Created by artist Dustin Williams, this ceramic vase offers a mix of nostalgia and modern flair. As one of the delightful gift ideas, it not only stores flowers but also serves as a captivating pastel decor piece. It adds an attractive touch to small spaces and is sure to spark conversations among friends when they visit.

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Vintage Air Circulator Fan

Not just a way to beat the heat but a nod to the elegance of the past. Styled after the iconic 1945 Vornadofan, this air circulator offers both form and function. With simple controls and adjustable tilt, it's one of the most practical gift ideas for old souls who appreciate enduring style and utility. Whether placed in a laundry room or kitchen, this fan adds a fun twist to home essentials.

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Flip Desk Clock

Time tells stories, and this flip clock narrates them in a classic way. With a design that feels straight out of another era, it adds a touch of nostalgia to any room it graces. As one of the more thoughtful gift ideas, it appeals to those who appreciate simplicity and the elegance of analog in a digital world. A daily reminder of hope, it's a unique blend of the past and present.

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Vintage Passport Wallet

Secure your travel essentials in a wallet that spells both style and durability. Made from 100% natural leather and designed in Europe, this passport wallet isn’t just a holder but a style statement. As one of the luxurious gift ideas for those who travel frequently, it promises longevity and elegance. Storing passports, IDs, and credit cards has never looked this sophisticated.

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Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Drink your morning brew with a dash of optical illusion! This coffee mug looks astonishingly like a camera lens, complete with food-grade stainless steel interior. It’s the ultimate Christmas gift idea for photography lovers, and it comes with a spoon, straw, and cleaning brush for a complete experience.

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Burr Coffee Grinder

Nothing beats the smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning, especially if it's hand-cranked. This beautifully designed manual grinder is a must-have for coffee aficionados. Its ceramic core and wooden finish ensure that every grind is both an experience and a journey back in time.

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Retro Typewriter Keyboard Wireless

Transport your fingertips to another era with this nostalgic, wireless keyboard. Featuring 83 mechanical keys with blue switches and a charming wooden design, it marries retro aesthetics with modern functionality. It's the perfect vintage look gadget for those in love with the bygone days of typewriting.

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Picnic Basket Set

For the romantic at heart, this natural wicker picnic basket is laden with all the trappings for a perfect outdoor feast for four. Comprising real wine glasses, porcelain plates, and a waterproof blanket, it's a convenient and stylish way to enjoy nature. It's an eco-friendly choice, too, encouraging more time outdoors.

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Polaroid Now 2nd Generation I-Type Instant Camera

Capture moments in a snap, the good old-fashioned way. This modern-day Polaroid camera keeps the tradition alive, complete with timer and built-in flash. It’s a piece of the past reimagined for today's world, ideal for preserving memories in an instant.

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Mechanical Pocket Watch

Cherish the passage of time with a timepiece that defies the digital age. This pocket watch offers intricate craftsmanship and an attractive steampunk design featuring jewel mechanical movements and Roman numerals. With a chain fit for both casual and formal settings, the watch can even stand on a table or display a personal photograph. A fascinating blend of

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Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex Lock

Dive into the mystery and allure of this fascinating cryptex lock. It captures the imagination and gives your brain a good workout, all while hiding a secret compartment within. Whether planning a treasure hunt for friends or spicing up a romantic proposal, the cryptex is sure to be a hit. And hey, it comes with a pair of rings to help you realize your grandest hopes and dreams!

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Color Change Mood Ring

Invite a splash of whimsy and color into someone's life. This ring is a modern twist on a vintage favorite, transitioning between 14 captivating colors that reveal your current mood. Crafted from high-quality materials, it's fun, intriguing, and makes for a dazzling conversation starter.

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Celestial Globe with Zodiac Engravings

Bring the cosmos down to Earth with this celestial globe, an attractive table decor featuring nautical and vintage appeals. Its antique brass finish and wooden base add charm to any room, and its functional armillary sphere design captures the fun of stargazing. It's a distinct piece that would captivate anyone intrigued by the stars and the sea.

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Vintage Poster and Wrapping Paper

Adorn your walls and gifts with the allure of yesteryears. This set of ten antique maps can serve multiple purposes—wall art, wrapping, or crafts. Although the maps might not be geographically accurate by modern standards, they evoke a sense of history and adventure. It's a charming way to bring a vintage touch to living spaces or gift wrapping.

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Retro Record Coasters

Let your love for music manifest in everyday life. These vinyl record coasters come in a set of six, housed in a vintage record player-themed holder. Not just eye-catching, they protect furniture surfaces while adding a nostalgic charm to your room. As conversation starters, they're the epitome of functional, creative decor.

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Retro Old Telephone Wall Clock

Whisk your friends back to a simpler era with this delightful wall clock, fashioned in the shape of a retro telephone. But wait, there's more! This charming timepiece doubles as a secret safe, providing a clever and discreet way to store valuable items. Quiet in operation and simple to hang, this clock is as functional as it is nostalgic. Ideal for homes that embrace a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic, it's a gift idea that old souls will love.

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Vintage Jewelry Box

Here's a gift where elegance meets whimsy. Designed to look like a film projector from the last century, this double-layered jewelry box offers organized space for all kinds of trinkets. But the magic doesn't stop there. It's also a music box, and pressing a switch animates the projector's display belt. A vanity mirror adorns the door, providing a quick way to check how your jewelry looks. Overflowing with character, it's a keepsake that effortlessly combines fashion and function.

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Retro Radio Shape Tissue Cover Box

Turn an everyday necessity into a conversation piece. This tissue box cover, shaped like a retro radio, not only houses tissues but adds a dash of old-school charm to your home. Lightweight yet durable, it's a uniquely stylish and practical addition to any room.

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Opera Glasses

Step into the world of elegance and refined taste with these compact opera glasses. Designed to be both lightweight and practical, they come complete with a removable chain and handle for ease of use. The 3x zoom feature makes sure you don't miss any detail, whether you're enjoying opera, a concert, or even a fashion event. The vintage style of these binoculars not only serves its purpose but also adds a touch of sophistication to your evening attire.

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7-in-1 Classic Wooden Board Game Set

Imagine the wealth of choices at your fingertips, all elegantly encased in a single, classic wooden board. From chess to cribbage to dominoes, this 7-in-1 game set is a wonderful way to bring family and friends together for endless fun. Plus, it comes with convenient storage to keep everything neatly in place.

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Vintage Titanic Poster

Step back in time with this high-quality Titanic poster. Printed on premium paper using top-notch printing techniques, this historic poster makes an eye-catching addition to any room. Whether you're a history buff or a fan of vintage-style art, this poster captures a moment in time like no other. Suitable for framing, it allows for personalization to match your décor.

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Quill Feather Pen

Enchanting and elegant, this quill feather pen offers more than just ink on paper. Handcrafted with a copper stem and a real feather, it comes with six different nibs for a variety of writing styles. A timeless treasure, it serves as both a functional tool and an artistic statement, making it a beautiful gift idea for anyone.

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Vintage Leather Journal

Elegance meets utility in this artisanal journal crafted from cruelty-free, naturally tanned water buffalo leather. With its exquisite deckle paper, this versatile notebook is suitable for both men and women. Its genuine materials and meticulous craftsmanship make it a unique keepsake. It's an ideal way to elevate someone's writing experience, instilling hope and imagination with every penned word.

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Antique Locket

Celebrate cherished memories with this finely crafted locket, complete with exquisite floral engravings. Made from durable alloy, this keepsake can hold one or two pictures. Whether it's a summer soirée or a quiet moment of reflection, it makes for an affectionate gift— a beautiful way to keep loved ones close to the heart.

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Letter Openers Vintage Victorian

Bring elegance and sophistication to the simple act of mail opening. Handcrafted in Italy with a silver-plated finish over brass, these ornate tools would make any desk instantly more attractive. They come in a luxurious gift box, providing an added touch of grace to this practical yet elegant gift idea.

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Jewelry Organizer Box

Grant the gift of organized beauty. With its vintage aesthetic and velvet-lined interior, this box offers a sanctuary for treasured jewelry pieces. The design, complete with tribal-patterned feet and classic arc handles, not only holds but enhances the beauty of what's stored within.

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Gold Antique Mirror

Transform a simple reflection into a statement of grandeur. Featuring exquisite garland details and a luxurious gold frame, this antique mirror complements traditional furniture styles exquisitely. Whether hung on the wall or leaned against it, this mirror adds elegance and style to any space.

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3-Piece Vanity Set

Ah, the elegance of yesteryear comes alive with this stunning Victorian-inspired vanity set. Cast in brass with a coat of nickel plating for extra durability, the comb, brush, and hand mirror are true objects of beauty. The nylon bristles and plastic comb teeth are perfect for all hair types, whether thick or thin, curly or straight. A remarkable gift idea for the new bride or even as a keepsake for a newborn, the set even arrives in a gift box, all set for wrapping.

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Comic Book Collection Gift Pack

For those yearning for a bit of adventure, this curated collection of comics offers hours of entertainment. The pack contains an array of titles, at least five of which are guaranteed to be from Marvel or DC. And fret not, Indy fans! The mix includes captivating offerings from independent publishers like Dark Horse Comics. This gift is perfect for seasoned readers and newcomers alike, making it a bundle of joy for comic enthusiasts of all kinds.

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Vintage Style Metal Libra

Elevate your living space with a touch of antique flair. Crafted in elegant bronze, this metal libra offers more than just a place to store your jewelry; it serves as an aesthetic centerpiece. Whether it's a housewarming or just because, this piece makes one of the perfect gift ideas for old souls who appreciate a blend of style and utility. An organizer they'd love to post on their dresser, it’s the epitome of form meeting function.

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Retro Cassette Tape Birthday Card

Decked out with a nostalgic cassette tape design, this birthday card serves as a blank canvas for your heartfelt quotes and messages. Enclosed in an elegant yellow envelope, it's a gift idea that old souls will find both meaningful and personal.

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