17 Must-Have Free Spirit Gifts for the Wanderlust Soul’s Birthday

free spirit gifts


There’s a certain magnetism that surrounds free spirits — they’re the ones dancing in the rain, chasing sunsets, and always on the hunt for their next grand adventure. Their souls seem to resonate with the very pulse of the earth, making them some of the most intriguing people to shop for. But what truly captures the essence of a wanderlust soul?


What Does it Mean to Be a Free Spirit?

A free spirit isn’t bound by convention but instead listens to the song of their heart. They find joy in the unknown and view the world through a lens of endless possibility.


Do I Have a Free Spirit?

If you’ve ever felt the call of distant lands, a tug at your heartstrings from a melody, or an insatiable curiosity that often leads you off the beaten path, then you might just have the heart of a free spirit. And for those remarkable souls in our lives (or perhaps recognizing a bit of it in ourselves), finding the perfect gift can be a delightful journey. Dive into our curated list of 17 must-have gifts that will dazzle every wanderlust-filled heart.


Our Pick

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

Journey through this enthralling collection of 1,000 unforgettable experiences that span the globe. Crafted to inspire wanderlust, it offers both seasoned travelers and armchair explorers a rich tapestry of destinations. Dive into this book before planning your next adventure and unearth the beauty of the world.

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Birthday Card

For those born under the glow of the moon, this birthday greeting is nothing short of poetic. The "Happy Birthday Moonchild" card is not only a tribute to the celestial charm but also resonates deeply with free spirits who feel a connection to the universe. Crafted in the USA with eco-friendly, 100% recycled paper, this is a conscious and endearing choice for the moon children in your life.

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Our Adventure Book

Embrace the beauty of memories with this finely crafted scrapbook. Its retro design allows for a personalized touch, inviting you to capture moments and souvenirs from your adventures. Not just a memory keeper, this scrapbook is an exquisite gift for friends or couples cherishing their shared journeys.

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Necklace with Message Card

Encased in this delicate piece of jewelry lies the spirit of the dragonfly, embodying freedom, creativity, and limitless possibilities. A fantastic gift guide pick, this necklace serves as a daily reminder for your free spirited friend to live life passionately and without constraints. The included heartfelt message card multiplies its emotional value, making it an impeccable gift choice for any cherished woman or girl in your life.

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Meditation Cushion and Zabuton Mat Set

Elevate your meditation experience with this luxurious and minimalist set. Handmade with precision, it boasts a soft velvet finish in a stunning silver hue. Perfect for yoga, relaxation, or as a supportive floor pillow, it's a must-have for free spirits seeking comfort and tranquility.

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Dream Catcher

Evoking a sense of timeless bohemian allure, the Boho Tree of Life Dream Catcher transforms any space into a sanctuary for dreams. Made with intricate macrame work, it's a manifestation of love, artistry, and spiritual depth. Whether for a wedding, a nursery, or a cozy cafe corner, this piece of handmade goods truly celebrates the free-spirited essence and serves as a thoughtful gift.

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Hammock Chair

Elevate relaxation to a new level with this handmade cotton hammock chair. Designed to cradle you in comfort, it boasts a wide spreader bar for optimal shoulder space. With its high weight capacity and versatility for both indoor and outdoor use, this chair promises serenity wherever you choose to hang it.

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Bali Soap - Green Collection

Dive into the realm of opulence with these vegan, all-natural soaps. Infused with exfoliating botanicals, they promise a rejuvenating wash that leaves skin radiant. These handmade goods, presented in a decorative gift set, epitomize the spa experience, making them a top choice for our free spirit gift guide.

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Handmade Natural Stone Crystal Bracelets

Draped elegantly around one's wrist, this bracelet is not just a visual treat but a reservoir of positive energy. Crafted with genuine leather and adorned with natural Amazonite stone and jasper, its vibrant hues echo the deep, soothing energies of Amazonite. Celebrated for its healing properties and chakra balancing abilities, this bracelet is a heartwarming, eco-friendly gift for free spirits seeking spiritual harmony.

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Coffee Cup And Ceramic Star Moon

Elevate your beverage experience with this handmade, star moon-themed coffee cup and saucer set. Its clear glass and golden handle offer elegance while its versatility caters to varied beverages. As gifts go, this one speaks of beauty, refinement, and thoughtful attention to detail.

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Hand Incense Holder

Ignite tranquility in your space with this hand-carved incense holder. Handmade from stone powder, its simplistic design seamlessly complements varied home decors. Whether it's for a housewarming or to enrich your own sanctuary, this set ensures a serene ambiance, perfect for those moments of reflection.

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Elephant Yoga Harem Pants

Dance, go to yoga practice, or simply relax; these pants are the embodiment of versatility. Crafted from breathable rayon, they're ideal for everything from beach days to cozy winter nights. With a smocked high waist and elastic ankles, these joggers offer a loose fit, making them a top pick in our gift guide for free spirits.

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Floral Blouse

Exuding bohemian charm, this blouse captures the essence of various cultures – be it Mexican, Indian, or Gypsy. The detailed embroidery showcases a timeless ethnic design, and its lightweight rayon fabric is perfect for spring, summer, or fall. Pair it with any bottom for a chic, free-spirited look.

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Moon Constellation Blanket

Drift into celestial dreams wrapped in this moon constellation blanket. Perfect for those enchanted by the night sky, astrology, or gothic aesthetics, this microfiber blanket offers warmth with a touch of mysticism. A beautiful addition to our gift guide, it's perfect for your free spirited friend who's drawn to the cosmos.

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Witchy Woman Make Up Bag

For the mystical mavens out there, this makeup bag adorned with enchanting imagery is a treasure. Crafted from premium cotton and linen, it's not only durable but also washable. Its unique double-sided design and roomy interior make it an indispensable accessory, perfect for our gift guide targeting free spirits.

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Set of 13 Hanging Woven Baskets

Infuse any space with bohemian vibes using this set of woven baskets. Handcrafted from bamboo, rattan, and seagrass, they're not only decorative but also functional. Coming with all necessary hanging tools, they're an ideal gift for those looking to add a touch of artisanal flair to their walls.

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Woven Baskets for Organizing

Declutter with style using these chic woven baskets. Perfect for any space, from boho bathrooms to serene bedrooms, these baskets merge function with aesthetics. Their knot tie handles add a touch of charm, making them a delightful gift for any free spirited friend.

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