23 You Are Loved Gifts To Show Someone Just How Much You Care

you are loved gifts


In the language of gifts, expressing the phrase “you are loved” takes more than just standard, off-the-shelf items. It requires thoughtfulness, personal touch, and a pinch of creativity. But fear not! We understand how daunting this task can be, especially when you’re trying to encapsulate your feelings into one perfect present. That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve hunted high and low, and curated a list of 23 unique You Are Loved Gifts that will convey your deepest sentiments to your loved ones. So, buckle up and join us on this journey of discovery, where each item is more than just a gift – it’s a heartfelt message of love.


Our Pick

Glass Keepsake Gift Jar

Capture the magic of friendship and inspiration in a jar with this unique gift. The jar is filled with 31 individual notes, each carrying a distinct, uplifting message. The notes, tucked into decorative envelopes, make for a special treat each day of the month. A perfect gift for birthdays or just to show your appreciation. This jar brings a touch of beauty and inspiration into your friend’s life.

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Little Porcelain Elephant ‘Remember You are Loved’ in Gift Box

There’s something magical about a porcelain elephant that carries a message of love. Housed in a tiny craft box, this delicate creature is a reminder of the giver’s affection. The charming details, from its size to its material, make it an exquisite token of love. It’s an ideal gift that paints a vivid picture of your affection, perfect for any celebration or just to brighten a friend’s day.

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Morse Code Bracelets for Women

Wrapped in subtlety and shrouded in a sweet secret, the Morse Code Bracelet is the perfect gift for those who cherish discreet expressions of love. Each piece is unique, much like the person who wears it. The adjustable size ensures it fits most wrists comfortably, and the 316L stainless steel guarantees longevity. This bracelet is a special treat for someone who values fashionable, unisex accessories. Plus, it comes in a cute gift box, elevating the gifting experience.

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6 Boho Rainbow Nursery Wall Decor

Create a space of love and inspiration with this set of six boho-themed wall art prints. Each piece, with elements of sunshine, rainbow, cactus, and warm text, adds a layer of charm and positivity to any place. The watercolor style and environmentally friendly pigments make these prints not just safe, but a visually appealing gift. It’s a special way to remind your loved one that they are loved, today and forever.

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Ceramic Trinket Tray - You Are Loved

A small but meaningful birthday gift, this ceramic ring dish is not only practical but also a beautiful display of love. Adorned with gold foil details, it’s a stylish and elegant accessory holder. Your loved one can use it to hold rings, earrings, or any small trinkets, making it a versatile and valuable addition to their daily life. It’s a gift that will be loved and used for years to come.

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You are My Sunshine Wood Music Box

This beautifully crafted music box is a gift that sings “You are my sunshine” to your loved one. Hand-cranked and battery-free, the unit is easy to operate, even for kids. It’s a timeless piece that combines ancient hand-carving techniques with modern color printing. The gift’s compact and portable design allows it to be a part of various settings, whether in a small bag or on a bedroom desk. This is a perfect gift for that special person who brings light and warmth to your life.

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Succulent Pots Gifts with Gift Boxed (You are Loved)

Breathe life into someone’s birthday with this unique gift. A trio of succulent pots, complete with bamboo saucers and featuring funny mantra quotes, form a gift that’s as enduring as your affection. The compact size is perfect for an office desk or shelf, injecting vibrancy and life into any space. Designed with care, this gift is a subtle, yet constant reminder of your love, particularly for someone navigating through tough times.

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Throw Pillow Cover, You are So Loved

Displaying a modern bohemian rainbow and heart design, it adds a touch of minimalism to any room. The eco-friendly material is soft, durable, and machine washable, ensuring a long-lasting picture of your affection. A hidden zipper allows easy insert removal, making this pillow cover a practical and stylish birthday gift that will be loved for life.

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You Are Loved - Pocket Hug Token

A small token can mean the world, especially when it’s a pocket hug. This stainless steel memento, coupled with a PU leather keychain, is an enduring reminder of your love. You can carry the engravings' heartwarming message everywhere, making it a cherished gift. It’s a picture-perfect gift for a friend or loved one to keep your warmth and love close to their heart.

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Sunflower Gift Box

This gift box includes a necklace with a hidden “You are my sunshine” message, making it a unique birthday gift. The sunflower, which will never fade or go moldy, is a constant reminder of the bright and beautiful moments in life. Accompanied by a personalized gift card, it’s a thoughtful present that can light up your loved one’s life.

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You are So Loved - Butterfly Bow Mason Jar

Combining rustic charm and a sweet message, this hanging sign is an endearing gift. The design features pastel butterflies and floral detailing on a pink background, adding a touch of whimsy to any space. Whether hung in the home or office, it’s a beautiful reminder of love and friendship. The future owner of this gift will feel loved every time they glance at this delightful piece.

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You are Loved - Wood Tabletop Sign

Grace your home or workspace with a daily dose of affirmation. Made from wood slats with a natural brown finish, this charming tabletop sign spreads a positive message in a vibrant floral design. Whether on your office desk, bedroom nightstand, or kitchen countertop, it serves as a perfect reminder of love. Handmade by artisans, it makes a thoughtful and inspiring birthday gift.

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You are Loved - Ornament

Crafted from high-quality ceramics, this heart-shaped ornament is not just a decorative piece but a token of appreciation. The unique design and funny language are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. It’s a memorable keepsake, perfect for expressing your love for family, friends, and colleagues. This ornament transcends seasons, making it a timeless addition to your loved one’s collection.

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Funny Engraved Spoon

Humor and love blend perfectly with this engraved spoon. Made of sturdy stainless steel, it is a durable and practical token of affection that will bring a smile to a loved one’s face. The laser-engraved message is a sweet and quirky way to express your love. This spoon is a perfect birthday gift that will add a fun twist to meal times.

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Mom You are Loved - Hand Painted Wine Glass

Celebrate your mother’s love with this hand-painted wine glass. Emblazoned with a heartfelt message, it not only serves as a functional piece but also a unique display of affection. Each glass includes a unique cocktail recipe under the base, adding a touch of fun to your mom’s evening unwind. She will surely cherish a unique birthday gift.

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Mouse Pad - You are llamazing

Make office hours more enjoyable with this ‘You are llamazing’ mouse pad. Featuring a unique and funny design, it adds personality to your workspace. The natural rubber base ensures a non-slip grip, while the silky cloth surface ensures easy maintenance. This mouse pad is a creative and practical birthday gift that will surely brighten up any workday.

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Spa Gift Box for Women

Indulge your loved one with an at-home spa day. This gift set, packed with hydrating lotions, artisan soaps, and a soothing bath bomb, provides all the essentials for a relaxing pampering session. The natural ingredients nourish the body, while the vibrant scents create a tranquil atmosphere. It’s a wonderful birthday gift that lets your loved one take time out to love and care for themselves.

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Inspirational Quotes - Desk Decor

Offer a dose of daily inspiration with this desk decor featuring embossed motivational quotes. This gift serves as a beacon of hope and encouragement, perfect for someone battling anxiety, low self-esteem, or facing a challenging time. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or a simple ‘thinking of you’ gesture, this piece is sure to bring a smile to their face, reminding them they’re loved and valued.

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Rainbow Cosmetic Bags

Brighten up someone’s day with this vibrant set of four cosmetic bags, each carrying a powerful affirmation: You are loved, You are important, You are amazing, You are enough. This set is a perfect birthday gift or a ‘just because’ surprise that combines practicality with positivity. The receiver will feel loved and appreciated every time they use these bags, reinforcing the message that they are indeed enough.

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“You are Loved” Stoneware Engraved Coffee Mug

Start your loved one’s morning with a cup full of love. The “You are Loved” stoneware coffee mug is more than just a beverage holder—it’s a message of affection to start the day right. With its hand-written script, it’s a perfect daily reminder of how much they’re cherished. It’s a special gift that’s both dishwasher and microwave safe and comes in a decorative box, ready to bring a happy moment to someone’s life.

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Chevron Trimmed Box Sign

The engraved words, “I can’t say I love you enough, so this is a reminder”, serve as a lasting testament to your feelings. Made of high-quality wood with a distressed paint design, it can stand freely or hang on the wall, making it a versatile addition to any home décor. This gift box is not just a sign, it’s a love letter that resonates in your special someone’s life every time they see it.

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You Are Loved Decorative Spatula

For those who find joy in cooking, the “You Are Loved” decorative spatula brings an element of love to the kitchen. The double-sided design features a practical silicone spatula on one side and a love message on the other. It’s a daily reminder of affection for the culinary enthusiast in your life. This colorful and functional spatula, designed with care in the USA, makes for a unique gift that’s sure to add a dash of romance to any cooking occasion.

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You are Loved Frosted Glass Heart

Every detail of the ‘You are Loved’ Frosted Glass Heart, from its soft pink hue to its satin finish, exudes warmth and affection. Its compact size and the accompanying heart-shaped pouch make it a perfect token of love that your loved one can keep close. This gift shines with the promise of a sweet, enduring sentiment, making it the perfect gift for any occasion that calls for a message of love and compassion.

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