The Ultimate List: A Gift for Someone Moving to Florida – Top 33 Picks

Gift for Someone Moving to Florida


Hey, all you thoughtful gift-givers and future Floridians out there! So, someone you know and love is ditching their snow boots for flip-flops and making the grand pilgrimage to the land of endless summers, aka Florida. Exciting, right? But before you send them off on their new adventure filled with Vitamin Sea, you’re probably scratching your head, wondering what the ultimate bon voyage gift could be. No worries—this is your one-way ticket to becoming the ultimate gift-giving MVP.

Cruise through our gift list and find the perfect gift for someone moving to Florida, and your soon-to-be-Floridian friend will be thanking their lucky stars they know someone as cool as you.


What Do You Buy Someone Who Is Relocating?

The big move is always a mix of excitement and—let’s be honest—complete chaos. So, gifts that ease the transition are always a win. Think practical but with a generous sprinkle of Florida sunshine.


What Brings the Most Tourists to Florida?

Why do people flock to Florida like flamingos to a pond? It’s not just the sun, surf, and sand; it’s the theme parks, diverse culture, and yes, maybe a few margaritas. If you can get a gift that screams “Florida fun,” you’re on the right track.


What Are Some Special Products in Florida?

From locally-made citrus jams to art inspired by the vibrant Miami scene, Florida has its own collection of unique gems that make for spectacular gifts. That’s right, there’s more to Florida than just oranges and theme parks.

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Alright, now that we’ve laid the groundwork, let’s get to the good stuff. Buckle up, because here comes our handpicked list of 33 perfect gifts for that lucky someone who’s making the big move to the Sunshine State! 🌞🌴


Our Pick

Florida Man the Epic Adult Coloring Book

Laughter is a universal gift, and this adult coloring book delivers it in spades. It brings the wild and hilarious stories of Florida Man to life, one outrageous tale at a time. You think you've seen it all? Just wait till you dive into these intricate designs based on the most epic Florida Man misadventures. This is not just a gift; it's an entry ticket into the absurd world of the Sunshine State. Perfect for any newbie Florida resident.

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A Tray of Fond Memories

Imagine every time you pick up a piece of jewelry, you're reminded of someone special. This trinket tray with a heartfelt message is multi-purpose and incredibly thoughtful. Whether placed in the bathroom or on a dresser, it’s a sentimental way to say "you're missed," making it an exquisite gift for someone moving to Florida.

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Florida State Puzzle 4 Piece Bamboo Coaster Set

Elevate your coaster game with these unique pieces that join together to form the state of Florida. Each coaster is engraved with iconic Florida sights, serving as the perfect conversation starter. Bamboo is not only durable but eco-friendly, making these coasters a win-win for any home. And let's face it, whether you're sipping iced tea or a margarita, these coasters are the perfect gift for protecting your table while showing off your Florida flair.

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The Beer Magician's Dream

Let's be honest, no one likes warm beer, especially not in the Sunshine State. Gift the gift of perpetually cold brews with these revolutionary beer glasses. They're packed with a cooling gel that chills your favorite stout or IPA, right to the last sip. A comfort-grip silicone band ensures you can easily sip without the glass slipping. A seriously cool Florida gift for the craft beer enthusiast who thought they had everything.

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Funny Leaving Card

Picture this: a donut crying because it's saying goodbye. Yeah, it's hilarious! This cheeky card comes printed on premium recyclable card stock and is blank on the inside, ready for your heartfelt or humorous message. Complete with a red envelope and protected in a cellophane sleeve, it's a nice gift that'll make parting a sweet sorrow.

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Lonely Planet Florida

Forget being a tourist; it's time to be a Floridian explorer! This Lonely Planet guide offers up-to-date advice, insider tips, and highlights, ensuring you can snorkel in the Keys, tour Walt Disney World, or check out Miami's art deco scenes like a pro. These Florida gifts are like your personal key to unlock the awesomeness of the state.

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Alligator Bottle Stopper

Seal the deal with a touch of Florida's wild side. This handcrafted, lead-free pewter alligator bottle stopper not only keeps your beverages fresh but adds a little character to your home. It's the epitome of Florida gifts that combine form and function, making it a fantastic conversation starter at any party.

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Florida State Shaped Serving and Cutting Board

Ah, the Sunshine State! What better way to showcase your Florida pride than with a bamboo board carved into the shape of Florida itself? It's not just a cutting board; it's a piece of art. The engraved details highlight Florida's top towns and attractions, making it a smashing hit for parties or as kitchen wall décor. Double the fun and flip it over for a knife-friendly cutting surface. Ideal for housewarming parties, this is the perfect gift to make anyone feel right at home in their new Florida abode.

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Abstract Road Modern Map

Why just navigate Florida's roads when you can also appreciate their artistry? This minimalist black and white map turns Florida's highways and byways into a work of art. It's a sophisticated gift idea that adds a unique flair to any living space and is perfect for Florida newbies who want to explore every nook and cranny of the Sunshine State.

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Charcuterie, But Make It Florida

Elevate someone's home entertaining game with this extra-large cheese plate. Made from bamboo and engraved with intricate artwork, it's the kind of gift that makes a statement. Perfect for serving up a taste of the Sunshine State during parties or cozy nights in.

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Ultimate Beach Tote

Ever been to a Florida beach only to discover you've left behind your sunblock or shades? Say no more. This waterproof and durable beach bag is a game-changer for anyone moving to Florida. With ample space for everything from beach towels to a juicy summer read, and even a special PVC pouch for valuables, it's the perfect gift for a day under the Sunshine State rays.

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The Cooler That Rolls With You

So, you're headed to a secret Florida swimming hole or a bustling public beach. How do you carry all your chilled beverages and snacks across sand and challenging terrain? Enter this rolling cooler. With oversized wheels and a nifty glide handle, this cooler makes it a breeze to tote your goodies. It even has dry storage for your essentials and a butler tray to serve up drinks away from sand. Now that's a great gift idea for anyone hitting Florida's beaches.

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The Magical Morning Mug

Greetings from Florida, says Mickey Mouse, but that's not all. This heat-sensitive mug adds a pinch of Disney magic to your morning coffee ritual. When you pour hot liquid into it, a hidden image of Minnie Mouse is revealed alongside Mickey. Whether you're prepping for a day at Disney World or just enjoying the Florida vibes at home, this mug is a charming way to start your day. Ideal for those who love a dash of whimsy with their caffeine.

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Say Hello to Your New Oven Friend

Meet the oven mitt that bites back—a hilarious green alligator with its mouth wide open. It adds a dose of Sunshine State humor to any kitchen and is a great gift for someone who loves both cooking and a good laugh.

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Billabong Men's Tides Straw Hat

Imagine cruising down Miami Beach with the sun kissing your skin but not scorching your face. This straw hat is all about balancing style and function. Crafted from 100% seagrass straw and featuring an adjustable drawcord, it’s like having your own personal shade tree. An ultimate Florida gift that screams, "I'm ready for the Sunshine State!"

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Florida Map Keychain

Carry a little piece of the Sunshine State with you wherever you go. Made from stainless steel, this keychain features the shape of Florida and is hypoallergenic, because we only want you catching rays, not rashes. It's a subtle but stylish way to remind someone of their new adventure moving to Florida.

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Florida Is Always a Good Idea Cosmetic Bag

Who says organization can't be chic? Zip up all your makeup essentials in this high-quality canvas bag featuring a cool marble print. Whether you're headed for a business meeting or a beach outing, this cosmetic bag will keep your lip gloss and sunscreen at the ready. A great gift idea for those trendy Florida friends.

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Native Trees of Florida - Poster

Bring the beauty of Florida's diverse flora right into your living room. This poster is a visual feast showcasing the most common native and naturalized tree species in Florida, illustrated by renowned artist Robert O’Brien. It's like having a bit of Florida's natural scenery indoors and makes for the perfect gift for new Florida residents who are nature enthusiasts.

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Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

Road trips in Florida just got a whole lot easier! This rooftop cargo carrier is waterproof and tear-proof, making it the reliable partner you need for those spontaneous beach outings or Everglades adventures. Plus, it's compatible with any size car or SUV. It's a fantastic moving to Florida gift idea for those who love to explore.

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Florida Bucket List

Calling all free-spirit adventurers! This guidebook offers 101 slices of Florida paradise, from breathtaking sunsets to shimmering springs. Written by Daniel Davids, it's the ultimate companion for anyone new to Florida or anyone looking to rediscover the state's natural wonders. It's the perfect gift for first-time Florida residents and longtime beach lovers alike.

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Men's Beach Sandals

Stepping into the Florida lifestyle? A pair of Hiapo men's sandals is your ticket to ultimate comfort. Masterfully crafted with hand-sewn whipstitching and Polynesian tattoo art on the footbed, these aren't just any sandals—they're a statement. While boasting a soft microfiber lining and anatomically correct contour, these bad boys make for a comfortable walk whether you're exploring Hawaii or flaunting your Florida pride at a local beach bar. They're the perfect gift for anyone moving to Florida who appreciates a blend of tradition and craftsmanship.

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Dad Hat Florida

Every Floridian needs a go-to hat, and this Dad Hat is just the ticket. Made of 100% breathable cotton, it’s your ultimate companion for those sunny Florida days. Whether you're jogging on the beach or shopping downtown, this hat’s got you covered—literally. With a buckle closure for adjustable fit and a classic 6-panel design, this hat is the epitome of Florida coolness. Ideal for both men and women, it’s the perfect gift for showcasing that laid-back Florida vibe.

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Florida Shot Glasses

Why not toast to the Sunshine State with a round of Florida-themed shot glasses? Each shot glass boasts a Florida license plate design, so you'll always remember the car rides through this beautiful state. Perfect for livening up gatherings or keeping as a cute souvenir, these Florida gifts are a spirited way to celebrate moving to Florida.

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Look at Me Moving to Florida Mug

Sip your morning coffee in style with this hilarious mug that's all about you making the big move. Its funny design, "Look at Me Moving to Florida," serves as a lighthearted reminder that you're embarking on a new chapter. This mug makes for an awesome gift, especially for those college students or friends setting off for the Sunshine State.

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Frommer's EasyGuide to Disney World, Universal and Orlando

You're heading to the epicenter of theme park heaven, so you'll need a guide that's equally epic. This isn't just another cheerleading guidebook; it gives you the nitty-gritty on how to navigate the magical worlds of Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld without burning a hole in your pocket. These Florida gifts are must-haves for an Orlando adventure.

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6 Piece Beach Towel Set

The beach is calling, and these colorful towels are your answer. Coming in a variety of vibrant hues like turquoise, orange, and royal blue, you'll never lose sight of your spot on Florida's sandy shores. Soft, absorbent, and machine washable, they are an essential addition to your beach or pool gear.

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Decorative Wall Sign

Memories are made in Florida, and this decorative wall sign is the perfect frame for them. Handcrafted from top-quality hardwood veneer, the sign features iconic graphics and quotes that celebrate the Sunshine State. It’s not just a piece of décor; it's a conversation piece that captures the essence of Florida life. Easy to hang, this sign will add a touch of Florida keys nostalgia to any room. An excellent housewarming gift for anyone moving to Florida.

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Beer Can Sleeves

Stay cool, Florida style! This pack of neoprene beer can sleeves comes in 16 unique, summer-themed designs that capture the Sunshine State's vibe perfectly. Durable, washable, and super insulating, these sleeves make every sip a mini vacation. From BBQs to beach parties, these sleeves are not just functional but a blast of Florida fun. A perfect gift for keeping your drinks cool and your Florida pride hot.

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The All-In-One Florida Experience Tote

Easily one of the coolest gift ideas, this travel tote bag is plastered with iconic Florida logos like NASA and Disney. It's a walking billboard for all things Florida and a useful carry-all for beach days, grocery runs, or impromptu picnics. Consider it a 'welcome to Florida' in bag form.

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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Why settle for the shore when you can walk on water? This inflatable stand-up paddleboard has a unique safety design and is extra spacious, ideal for those sunny days out on the Florida waters. Portable, lightweight, and adorned with a captivating dragon pattern, this board offers the freedom to explore, making it a great gift for any adventurer moving to Florida.

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Vacation in an Outfit

Picture this: strolling down Miami Beach in a colorful Hawaiian shirt and matching shorts. This 2-piece outfit screams vacation and is a fantastic way to welcome someone to their new life in Florida. It's like a party for your wardrobe and a perfect gift for any fun-loving guy making the move.

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For the Kitchen Comedian

This kitchen towel is not just a cloth; it's a conversation starter. Funny, quirky, and downright practical, it's a great housewarming gift that screams, "Welcome to Florida!" Perfect for drying dishes or hands, and 100% guaranteed to make someone smile.

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Florida Gators Wine Glasses

Cheers to Florida living! Show off your love for the Florida Gators with these sleek stemless wine glasses. Made in the USA, these heavy-duty glasses come etched with a satin team logo that makes every sip feel like a touchdown. Whether you're hosting a beachside soirée or kicking back after a long day, these are a great addition to any Florida home. As Florida gifts go, these wine glasses offer a classy way to show off your Florida pride.

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