23 Best Gifts for Pipe Smokers: Curated Choices for Every Budget

gifts for pipe smokers


Embarking on the quest to find the impeccable gift for a pipe smoker? You’re in luck! In this curated guide, we bring you the 23 best gifts for pipe smokers that cater to every budget. But before we dive into the list, let’s answer a few common questions that accentuate the pipe smoking experience.


What Do You Get From Smoking a Pipe?

Pipe smoking isn’t just a hobby; it’s an experience steeped in tradition, offering a moment of relaxation and reflection. A gift that resonates with this could be a golden ticket to a smoker’s heart, and our list is geared to help you find just that.


What Are Smoking Pipe Accessories?

Think beyond tobacco; the world of pipe accessories is a panorama of elegance and utility, offering products ranging from pipe stands to specially designed ashtrays. Gift an accessory and you gift a piece of art that brings joy and convenience to the pipe smoking ritual.


What Do You Drink With a Smoking Pipe?

Pairing the right beverage with a pipe smoking session can uplift the experience manifold. Be it a rich whiskey or a smooth coffee; a great pairing caters to the individual’s taste and can be the ultimate thoughtful touch to your gift.


As we unravel the list of the 23 best gifts for pipe smokers, keep the individuality and preference of the receiver in mind, ensuring a gift that’s as unique as them. Let’s dive in!


Our Pick

Zippo Pipe Lighter

Inject a dose of timeless elegance into someone's pipe smoking arsenal with this genuine Zippo windproof lighter. Standing tall as a beacon of reliability, this lighter promises to deliver an optimal performance virtually anywhere, beckoning pipe smokers to embrace the call of the outdoors. Pair it with Zippo's premium lighter fluid for a gift that echoes a lifetime guarantee of quality and functionality, etching a place in the heart of the recipient.

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Mug World's Greatest Father

Add a touch of humor and affection to a pipe smoker dad's coffee ritual with this large ceramic mug. It boasts a vintage, retro style and proclaims him the "World's Greatest Father." Microwave and dishwasher safe, it's not just a mug, but a token of appreciation that is as functional as it is fun. Brew a delightful start to his day, while giving a nod to his pipe smoking hobby with this singular coffee cup.

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Leather Tobacco Pouch & Pipe Case

Make on-the-go smoking a breeze with this sophisticated full-grain leather pouch, designed to carry both the pipe and tobacco in style. Its thoughtful design, featuring a rubber membrane to lock in the freshness of tobacco and a durable lining to cradle the pipe safely, makes it a wonderful gift for passionate smokers. It's more than a pouch; it's a statement of style and a pledge to quality.

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Funny Birthday Greeting Card

Celebrate a special day with a dash of humor using this unique greeting card. Featuring a playful and cheeky cover, it promises a smile even before it's opened. Inside, a heartfelt wish awaits, promising high times and a joyous birthday celebration. It's the right gift to light up a friend's birthday, blending humor and warm wishes seamlessly.

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The Tobacconist Handbook: An Essential Guide to Cigars & Pipes

A treasury of knowledge awaits pipe and cigar aficionados in this essential guide penned by the founder of Tobacconist University®, Jorge Armenteros. Delve into the rich history and intricate processes behind tobacco cultivation, cigar making, and pipe maintenance. It’s a gift that promises to enhance the quality of life for enthusiasts, enriching their understanding and appreciation for the art of smoking.

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Savinelli Pipe Dopp Kit

Delight a pipe enthusiast with a kit that has everything needed to keep briar pipes in pristine condition. Including alcohol-based pipe cleaner, and briar and stem polishes, it's the secret to a gleaming, good-as-new pipe after every use. It's the kind of gift that promises renewed joy and a revitalized smoking experience every time.

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Auenland Friddo Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe

Bestow the fusion of tradition and elegance with this German-made briar pipe. Boasting impeccable craftsmanship, it comes with protective packaging, promising both style and substance, a luxurious addition to any pipe smoker’s collection.

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Windproof Ashtray

Decked in navy blue with a blend of vintage and modern style, this windproof ashtray is more than meets the eye. The creative pipe smokers will appreciate its multifunctionality, serving as a holder for both ashes and an array of small items, be it jewelry or coins. Its hand-stamped 3D pattern not just uplifts the aesthetic of a space but promises to light up the face of the receiver, making it a wonderful gift for any occasion.

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Wooden Pipe Ashtray

Gift the pipe smoker in your life a piece of art that marries function with style. Crafted from premium Indian walnut wood, this ashtray doesn’t just hold ashes; it's a safe haven for two pipes, sparing them from damage thanks to the central cork knocker. It's not just an ashtray, it's an indispensable companion in the pipe smoking journey, promising longevity and a growing vintage charm with each use. The blend of utility and artistic design makes it a great gift that would resonate well with both newbie and veteran pipe smokers.

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Vintage Drummer Boy with Pipe

Transport a pipe smoker to the picturesque landscapes of Bavaria with this incense burner crafted in Germany with high-quality natural wood. The vintage drummer boy clutching a pipe not only stands as a statement decorative piece but also functions as an incense burner, infusing homes with fragrant smoke reminiscent of the holiday season. It's a dual-purpose gift that brings both aesthetic joy and aromatic pleasure to a pipe smoker's haven.

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1941 Pipe Smoker Vagrant Hobo Coin

Gift a token of history, amusement, and craftsmanship with this detailed reproduction of the 1941 vagrant hobo coin, a piece that evokes a sense of nostalgia and wonder. Beyond being a captivating collectible, it offers an adventurous spirit and a glimpse into a bygone era. Whether for coin collectors or pipe smokers with a taste for history, this coin, paired with a plush jewelry bag, stands as a meaningful gift that symbolizes cherished memories and shared stories.

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Handcrafted Wooden Smoking Pipe

Embrace the richness of tradition with a 100% handcrafted pipe that promises to elevate the tobacco experience to unprecedented heights. This stylish, eco-friendly choice brings forward a tasteful blend of modernity and tradition, offering not just a pipe, but an experience steeped in relaxation and focus. Gift this to help someone steer clear of the stress of daily life, guiding them towards the peaceful realm of pipe smoking with a touch of elegance.

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Wooden Pipe Stand for 3 Tobacco Smoking Pipes

Indulge the pipe enthusiast in your life with a sophisticated piece that marries both form and function. Crafted from natural ash tree wood, this stand promises to hold most types and shapes of smoking pipes with elegance and stability, thanks to its improved moisture-resistant finish and bottom rubber feet. A fantastic addition to any pipe smoker's collection, offering a stylish yet practical solution for displaying their cherished pipes.

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2 in 1 Tobacco Pipe Tamper Tool

Elevate the pipe smoking experience with a multifunctional tamper tool crafted from high-quality copper. This 2-in-1 accessory is not just a handy companion in maintaining a great smoke; it’s also a fashionable decoration. Lightweight and easy to carry, it's the perfect gift to grant pipe smokers a hassle-free smoking session by aiding in packing tobacco finely and cleaning the pipe efficiently. Plus, its unique carved design adds a dash of style to the pipe maintenance toolkit.

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Christian Pipe-Smoking: An Introduction to Holy Incense

Delve into the spiritual dimensions of pipe smoking with this enlightening booklet. It promises to entertain and spiritually guide the Christian pipe smoker, making it a unique and introspective gift for individuals on their smoking journey.

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Discreet Stogie Pipe

Gift the essence of tradition and luxury with this hand-carved Stogie pipe. Originating from the Humboldt California Redwoods, it ensures a natural and enriched smoking experience, marking it as an exquisite choice for tobacco enthusiasts.

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Ginger's Favorite Savinelli Tobacco Pipe

Inspired by Ginger Rogers, this pipe mirrors elegance and sophistication. Crafted for the feminine hand with swirling golden lines and deep browns, it promises a stylish and rewarding smoking experience, making it a perfect gift for women pipe smokers.

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Decorative Bottle

An exquisite piece for every pipe enthusiast, the HASMI decorative bottle is crafted from premium alloy metal and acrylic. It promises a healthy, long-lasting usage, making it a unique gift for pipe smokers.

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Tobacco Pipe with Leather Pouch

Treat a pipe smoker to this premium Heather pipe and leather pouch kit. Crafted from high-quality briar material, it offers a luxurious and tasteful smoking experience, equipped with all essential accessories for a perfect gift.

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Leather Tobacco Pipe Pouch

Gift the luxury of organized mobility to pipe smokers with the FIREDOG leather pipe pouch. Featuring a pebbled genuine leather build and magnetic closure, it provides secure and stylish storage, promising satisfaction and ease on travels.

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Savinelli Roley Pipe

A collector’s dream, the discontinued Savinelli Roley Pipe is a rare find for pipe enthusiasts. Its natural color and unique origin make it a thoughtful and exclusive gift for a seasoned pipe smoker.

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Ceramic Pipe Stand

Elevate a pipe smoker’s setup with the Savinelli Bordeaux Ceramic Pipe Stand, perfect for showcasing a favorite pipe. A blend of functionality and elegance, it stands as a great gift, adding style to any collection.

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3 in 1 Pipe Lighter

Gift the joy of a convenient smoking experience with this 3 in 1 pipe lighter. Wrapped in classic leather and featuring a 45-degree angled soft flame for precise lighting, it brings style and functionality in one package. Add this to the list of perfect gifts for smokers, be it Christmas or a birthday occasion, presenting a tool that combines elegance and practicality in a pocket-friendly size.

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