29 Perfect Gifts for Dart Players That Hit the Bullseye Every Time

gifts for dart players


So, you’ve got a dart aficionado in your life, huh? Someone who knows their bullseyes from their bed-and-breakfasts and can tell you what a ‘Shanghai’ is in dart lingo. It’s not just about throwing pointy things at a board; it’s an art, a science, and let’s face it, a great excuse to hang out with friends. But what do you get for the person who’s always at the oche, aiming for that perfect game?


What to Get for Someone Who Loves Darts?

Excellent question, Sherlock! When it comes to gifts for dart players, it’s all about precision—a precision in understanding what they already have and what’s going to make their eyes light up like a dartboard. Whether they’re a seasoned pro or a casual player, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a list of 21 perfect gifts that’ll hit the bullseye every time. Keep reading; your quest for the ultimate gift ends here!


Are Brass or Tungsten Darts Better?

Ah, the age-old debate! Brass darts are generally more affordable and are excellent for beginners. But tungsten darts? Those are the Ferraris of the dart world. They’re denser, slimmer, and allow for a more professional level of play. So, if your gift recipient is serious about their game, going for a high-quality set of tungsten darts might just make you their new favorite person.


Is There a Secret to Throwing Darts?

Oh, you’re digging for the golden nugget, aren’t you? Here it is: like any other skill, practice makes perfect. But let’s spice that up. The secret sauce includes mastering grip, stance, and follow-through. And guess what? A thoughtful gift can be that extra nudge they need to perfect their aim. Whether it’s a top-tier dartboard that offers better bounce-outs or a grip-enhancing glove, the right gear can make a world of difference.


Ready to dive in? Stick around as we unveil these 29 perfect gifts for dart players that’ll make you a legend in their dart-playing book. Trust us; you’ll want to check out #7—it’s a game-changer!

Ready, aim, shop! 🎯


Our Pick

Darts Birthday Card

Birthday cards? Predictable. A darts-themed birthday card featuring the legendary Michael Van Gerwen? Now we're talking! This card comes blank on the inside, giving you all the space you need to express your well wishes. What makes it an exceptional choice is its high-quality board that promises no ink smudges. A real score for any darts lover's special day!

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Dartboard Bottle Opener

Ever find yourself needing to tighten your dart shaft during a game? This dartboard bottle opener with a keyring doubles as a shaft tightener. Not just an opener, but a multi-tool for the discerning dart player. A functional, unique gift idea that's bound to impress.

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Magnetic Dartboard Office Toy

Combat workday monotony with this desktop magnetic dartboard. Not just a fun game for kids, this dartboard also doubles as a perfect stress-reliever for adults. It's a fantastic way to engage in a friendly challenge and keep the boredom at bay.

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Rustic Ring Toss Outdoor Game

For those days when you want to take a break from darts, this rustic ring toss game has got you covered. Made from high-quality wood, it's weather-resistant and comes with easy setup. Fifteen different games are included, so you're never short of fun game options.

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Shot Glass Darts Bar Game Set

Liven up any party with this bar game set that combines the challenge of darts with the fun of taking shots. Aim carefully; otherwise, you're downing the next one! It's the ideal mix of skill and chance, making for a fun game night essential.

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Ring Toss Game

The elegance of teak wood meets the fun of ring tossing. This game is easy to install and even easier to love. Perfect for some outdoor fun or as an excellent addition to your game room, it's a gift that appeals to all ages and genders.

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Tungsten Darts Set

Think your darts player friend has tried it all? Wait until they get their hands on this Tungsten Darts Set. These are 90% premium quality tungsten steel tip darts, complete with Red Dragon flights and stems. As we discussed earlier, tungsten darts are the Ferraris of darts—slim, sleek, and perfect for hitting those bullseyes. No dart gifts list would be complete without these bad boys.

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Vintage Blonde Pin-up Darts Metal Sign

For a walk down memory lane, consider this pin-up-inspired metal sign. This high-quality sign not only adds retro charm to your setting but also makes for a thoughtful gift for darts players. The pre-drilled holes make it a cinch to install.

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Darts Finishing Mastery Book

Want to become a legend among darts players? This book can shave years off your learning curve. Master the art of finishing with techniques that even pros would envy. Easily one of the best gifts for someone looking to step up their game.

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Chip N' Stick Golf Dart

Melding the worlds of golf and darts, this game is a whole new kind of fun. The set includes an oversized fabric target and special golf balls that stick to it. Whether you're a darts lover, a golf enthusiast, or both, this offers a fresh twist to your regular game nights.

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Premium Dartboard Set

Imagine having the power to transform any room into the ultimate darts arena. This top-notch sisal dartboard set does just that. Not only does it have a staple-free bullseye for better healing of the sisal fibers, but it also includes all the extras like flights, chalk, and a scoreboard. A one-stop-shop for anyone keen on playing darts like a pro.

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Inflatable Soccer Darts Board

Kick it up a notch with this inflatable soccer darts board! Perfect for parties or outdoor events, this giant board combines the thrill of soccer with the precision of darts. A great gift idea for those who love sports but want to try something out of the box.

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Dartboard Lighting System

Ever hear the phrase, "Let there be light?" This innovative lighting system brings a radiant 360-degree LED aura to any dartboard setup. It's easy to install and compatible with just about any type of dartboard or cabinet. Offering shadowless, consistent lighting, this is the missing link in your friend's darts setup. After all, you can't hit what you can't see, right?

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Personalized Dart Board Mug

Looking for the best gifts that resonate with any dart player? This custom coffee mug is a total game-changer. Add your buddy's name and make them feel like a dart-playing superstar every morning. With durable ceramic and a splash of personality, this mug is a gift idea that scores high on usability and coolness.

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Dart Board Styled Coaster

Raise a toast to your dart skills without worrying about table stains! These coasters aren't just functional; they're a nod to your love for the game with their dartboard design. Plus, they're non-slip and dishwasher safe, just the kind of high-quality dartboard — for your drinks!

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Darts Knowledge Vintage Sign

Adorn your man cave or game room with this metal sign that speaks to your love for the sport. Its vintage aesthetics perfectly marry nostalgia with a dash of class. Since it's made of tin/metal, it's long-lasting and won't rust, making it a durable keepsake for any dart player.

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Dartboard Neon Sign

Who said dart players can't have flair? Light up your game nights with this neon sign, an eye-popping décor piece that serves double duty as a vivid beacon for your passion. It's energy-saving and comes with easy installation!

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Queen of Darts Cosmetic Bag

For the darts player who likes to stay glamorous, this cosmetic bag is a direct hit. Cotton-made and adorned with a stylish 'Queen of Darts' print, it's the perfect companion for travels or gym sessions. Now, who says you can't be a queen and a dart player at the same time?

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Dart Board Wall Protector

Protect your wall like a pro with this ultra-sturdy wall protector. Made of solid EVA foam, it'll catch any stray darts, saving your precious walls from unexpected battle scars. Ideal for both home setups and pub environments. Playing darts never felt so carefree!

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Stylish Darts Holder

Darts scattered all over? Not cool! Store your steel and soft tip darts in style with this wall-mounted darts holder. It's not just functional—it's a statement piece that can jazz up your game room or bar. It's essentially the best darts holder you'll ever own.

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The Patriot Dart Case

Be the envy of every darts player with a case that holds not one, but two sets of your favorite darts—steel tip or soft. Decked out in an American flag design, it's the epitome of both style and function. It's moisture-resistant too, making it a great gift idea for the darts lover who thought they had it all.

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Dart Point Sharpening Stone

Last but not least, keep your steel tip darts in tip-top shape with this essential tool. Regular maintenance is key to a consistent game, and this sharpener helps you achieve just that. A little tool that makes a big difference!

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Dart Flight Wing Savers

For the love of dart flights, get your hands on these wing savers! Made from durable aluminum alloy, these protectors clamp onto your dart flights, ensuring they maintain the optimal 90-degree angle during play. Say goodbye to damaged flights and hello to more stable throwing. An essential accessory that makes for an excellent dart gift for players at all skill levels.

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Dart Mat with Throw Line

Ever felt the itch to play darts but worried about your floor? This dart mat's got you covered. Designed to cushion both steel tip and soft tip darts, the mat features regulated throw lines to keep your game legit. Plus, it's machine washable! Makes for an awesome addition to any darts setup.

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Tripod Dartboard

Who needs walls when you've got this tripod stand? Compatible with various types of dartboards, this tripod is the answer to your portable darting dreams. Take it to parties, outdoor events, or even on vacation. It's the ultimate solution for dart players who are always on the move.

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Custom Dart Shirts

Who says dart players can't be fashion-forward? Elevate your game-day attire with these customizable polo shirts. The fabric is designed for comfort and durability, perfect for those tense matches. You can even slap your own designs on them, making each piece uniquely yours. Talk about hitting the bullseye in style!

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Large Dart Board for Kids

Get the young ones in on the action! This dart board is specially designed for kids, providing a fun game that also improves hand-eye coordination and math skills. Not just a kid's toy, it's an educational game that brings the whole family together.

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Magnetic Dart Board

Double the fun with a magnetic dart board that features two game options. Safe, portable, and durable, it's an all-in-one package for dart players of all ages. Whether you're hanging it in the living room or taking it on vacation, it's a perfect choice for some fun game time.

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Dart Scoreboards

Stop fumbling with chalk and paper—keep track of your scores with style. This illuminated back-lit scoreboard ensures that even in the high-intensity dart games, you won't lose sight of who's winning. Quick cleanup, easy writing, and a sleek modern design make it an upgrade every dart player would love.

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