26 Fun Ping Pong Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Favorite Player

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As a former table tennis enthusiast, I understand the challenge of finding the ideal ping pong gift. Wondering what could truly capture their passion for the game? Worry not! I’ve curated a list of 26 remarkable and engaging ping pong gifts that are bound to thrill any table tennis lover. This collection ranges from a classic scoring system to an innovative ping-pong robot, each item selected to enhance their playing experience and add excitement to their leisure time. So, whether you’re on the hunt for an impressive gift or just want to treat yourself, this list has everything a table tennis enthusiast could dream of. Dive in and discover the perfect gift that will surely be a hit with any table tennis player!



JOOLA Game Room Organizer

Not sure what to get your table tennis loving girlfriend or boyfriend? This organizer and dart scoreboard includes everything they need to have a fun day at the table; room for six Ping-pong paddles, a table tennis ball basket, and even a black dry-erase board with white liquid chalk markers! Couple that with the dart scoreboard and you’ve got a gift so special, it could even beat table tennis champion Timo Boll.



Professional Table Tennis Blade

If you know someone who is a table tennis lover, the Butterfly SK Carbon CS blade table tennis blade would make a unique gift. This high-quality table tennis blade uses strong TANCA 5000 carbon fibre, making it extra durable to use and excellent for professional table tennis players. It only comes with the CS handle type, enabling total control and comfort as they enjoy table tennis. With such precision craftsmanship and top notch materials, table tennis lovers are sure to appreciate this Japanese made table tennis blade.



Table Tennis Training Robot

Training robots are the best gifts for table tennis enthusiasts looking to take their game to the next level. These innovative robots can serve 40mm regulation ping pong balls automatically so players can practice their skill and consistency during solo play with no table playback mode.



Table Tennis Ball Catch Net

accessory – a table tennis ball catch net! This practice net attaches to ping pong tables for quick and easy ball collection, meaning you never have to spend hours chasing after lost ping pong balls again.



JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table

For those who have limited space but still want to enjoy playing table tennis, the JOOLA compact table tennis table is an excellent option. With its compact size and easy-to-store design, it’s perfect for apartments and small spaces. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about assembling the table as it comes ready to play right out of the box.



Senston Table Tennis Rackets Set

Adding some extra fun and excitement to your family gatherings or friendly tennis matches with neighbors is easy with the Senston Table Tennis Bats Set. This professional-grade ping pong paddle set comes with four paddles, two balls, a mesh bag for storage, and even a set of replacement rubber sheets. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves playing table tennis.



Ping Pong Ball Picker

Searching for table tennis gifts can really be quite a ping pong. But the adjustable ping pong ball picker guarantees to give your recipient hours of entertainment. Also, it solves one of the most annoying problems in an intense game of table tennis: picking up all those pesky balls without having to leave the competition.



Ping Pong Net

Surprising your ping pong enthusiast boys and girls with the gift they’ve always wished is easy with a table tennis net that has retractable posts. Its practical design allows for easy setup and storage, making it perfect for those who need their games to be flexible with their schedule. You could even get them custom ping pong balls that match their unique style to score bonus points. Regardless, a table tennis gift is always a sure way to please them.



Colored Ping Pong Balls

If you’re looking for an out-of-the box gift idea, why not consider pastel colored ping pong balls? Not only are they fun presents, they also make a table tennis game a whole lot more interesting. With different colors to choose from, you can pick the hue that suits your loved one’s tastes best. Imagine their delight at receiving such a thoughtful and unique gift!



Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Care Kit

With a ping pong paddle cleaner and table tennis rubber cleaner sponge, it’s basically an all-in-one table tennis cleaning solution. This care kit is great value—treat your favorite table tennis enthusiast to this thoughtful and useful present! They’ll never miss a shot or double-fault again with this wonderful table tennis game aid. From backspins to smashes, they can enjoy their favorite table tennis moments, knowing their trusty bat is in top condition. A must-have for any table tennis friend!



Ping Pong Paddles Case

Treat the table tennis players in your life to a practical and stylish gift that they’ll love- a ping pong paddle case hard shell! This handy storage bag can hold up to 2 table tennis bats, so that your recipient can bring their paddles (and the fun) along wherever they go. And not only will this provide superior protection for the table tennis rackets, but it also looks incredibly cool.



Butterfly Table Tennis Robot

The Butterfly Table Tennis Robot is the table tennis player’s gift dream come true! You can hit those table-tennis-perfect shots whenever you feel like it without a partner, as this robot will return every throw with precision and accuracy. It has a powerful motor that launches balls up to 120 balls per minute, so table tennis players of all levels can have a blast competing with this robot friend. Coming with a free carry bag and remote, this table tennis robot seems like the ideal gift idea for all table tennis aficionados out there. So make their table tennis dreams come true this Christmas!



Performance Ping Pong Paddle

The JOOLA Infinity Edge Tournament Performance Ping Pong Paddle. With Pro Carbon Technology and rubbed on both sides, this table tennis bat will power up your player’s game. Not to mention, it’s designed for speed and competition-readiness, making it ideal for those seeking advanced training.



Table Tennis Table

What’s better than table tennis? The JOOLA Inside table – perfect for a table tennis fan in your life – is super simple to set up and has multiple game modes. It’s built to last and sure to bring hours of thrill and joy. Not only that, the Quick Clamp Net and Post Set make it a breeze to break the table down when the kids have had their fill of ping pong.



Table Tennis Ball Accessory Holder

For table tennis enthusiasts, the JOOLA Magnetic Accessory Holder is a great table tennis gift idea! Included with the accessory holder are 10 3 Star Ping Pong Balls and two rubber holders so they can stay safe and sound while connected to any metal frame table. These balls fit perfectly inside the tray – their 40mm size easily resting in place – giving them a safe spot throughout the table tennis season.



HyperPong Ping Pong Tables

Forget table tennis tables — it’s time to upgrade your party games with the most epic mashup ever: 4-Square Meeting Table Tennis! This action-packed four-player ping pong game is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Put four friends in a Battle Royale (1v1v1v1), play two teams of Squads (2v2), or go head-to-head in Singles mode (1v1) for thrills and spills galore. So take the competition up a level, and make 4 Square Table Tennis the main event at your next game night – it’s the perfect gift for any fan of classic table tennis!



Table Tennis Scoreboard

If table tennis is your thing, this JOOLA RESULT Table Tennis Scoreboard is the perfect gift for table tennis enthusiasts. It’s a great way to keep score of table tennis games and make sure that everyone plays by fair rules. The scoreboard has two sides with large numbers, so no more disputing over who scored the point!



JOOLA Training 3-Star Table Tennis Balls

Give table tennis fans the gift they’ve always wanted—an JOOLA Training 3 Star table tennis ball set. Whether purchased in sets of 12, 60, or 120, these orange table tennis balls are perfect for competition and recreational play, meeting all 40+mm regulation standards demanded by the table tennis world.



Movable Multi-Ball Storage Stand

Still looking for the best table tennis gifts? The professional stand with a mesh case and height adjustable Ping-pong ball collector is your answer! The multi-ball storage stand is the ideal item to store unused table tennis balls while playing table tennis.



King Pong T-Shirt

Celebrate your love for table tennis with the King Pong T-Shirt. This vintage faded tee is perfect for fans and players who want to wear their passion for the sport in style.



Massage Gun Muscle Massager

Shopping for someone with an active lifestyle? Massage guns make for a great gift. They help relieve muscle tension and soreness so you or your giftee can play table tennis all day long without feeling it the next morning. Consider gifting your grandma or grandpa who may just need some extra love, the gift of relaxation today.



Butterfly Side Tape

This affordable Butterfly side tape is a practical gift that any serious table tennis player would love. It not only enhances the look of the racket but also protects it from damage during gameplay. Giving this as a present is sure to hit a winning shot with your loved one and bring a smile (or maybe even an unexpected backhand win!) to their face.



Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Soft Grip Tape

For table tennis players who compete in tournaments or play casually with friends in their garden, the soft grip tape offers the ultimate comfort and control when gripping the racket handle. Made from water-resistant material, it’s designed to withstand perspiration and won’t wear out easily. Additionally, the tape features an adhesive backing that ensures there’s no slippage or slipping off, giving players an edge in their gameplay.


Table Tennis Spin Trainer

This ball trainer is great for stroking and spin training! Perfect for table tennis fanatics and those just getting into the game. This nifty machine will help you hone your skills in no time. Plus, its well-made construction ensures it’ll last long enough to give you plenty of practice during those group tournament matches. Give your ping pong loving wife or husband a chance to become one with the table tennis gods; give ‘em the Ping Pong Ball Machine!



Water Bottle

This clever BPA-Free water bottle made from 50% plastic waste – an exceptional gift idea for any table tennis player or sport enthusiast! It looks great and is extremely lightweight, making it easy to fit in your bag along with all those sweet serves and backhand drives. Plus, there’s nothing cooler than drinking from a sustainable water bottle that’s actually helping save the planet!



Vintage King Pong Metal Tin Sign

This is not your typical boho wall art! With its simple style and bold aesthetic, this poster is fit for a king. It’s made of sturdy metal that won’t fade or bend, so you know the recipient will enjoy it for years to come. For those who love ping pong or appreciate quality craftsmanship, this poster is a unique gift option that’s sure to impress! Show you care with this regal-looking accessory—it’s ready to rule any room in the house.


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