18 Unforgettable Croquet Gifts for the Ultimate Fan

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Croquet, the elegant and timeless lawn game, has won the hearts of millions with its unique blend of strategy, skill, and outdoor fun. While it might seem challenging to find ideal croquets gifts for a croquet enthusiast, we’ve got your back. In this article, we’ve curated a list of 18 unforgettable croquet gifts that will thrill the ultimate fan. From exquisite croquet sets and stylish accessories to personalized mementos and quirky gadgets, our selection caters to every taste and budget. So, grab your mallet and let’s dive into these fantastic ideas of croquet gifts that will surely score you some extra points with your loved ones!


Our Pick

Billy The Kid Playing Croquet 1878 Poster

This vintage 16x20 inch poster depicts Billy The Kid playing croquet in 1878, making it a unique and historical wall decoration for any croquet lover's home.

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Croquet Set with Premium Wooden Mallets

This deluxe croquet set features premium rubber wood and metal mallets, hardwood handles, six molded balls, two hardwood ending stakes, nine steel wickets, and a carrying bag. Durable and stylish, it's the perfect croquet gift for your wife or husband.

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Edouard Manet Painting Reproduction

"A Game of Croquet" by Edouard Manet is a classic piece of art that captures the essence of the game. This large-size reproduction is one of the most refined and sophisticated croquet gifts for any croquet aficionado.

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Complete Croquet: A Guide to Skills, Tactics and Strategy

James Hawkins' "Complete Croquet" is a must-have resource for anyone serious about the game. This paperback offers insights into skills, tactics, and strategy, making it an invaluable gift for players looking to improve their performance.

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Queen of Hearts Holding Flamingo Mallet Figurine

Celebrate the 70th anniversary of Disney's classic film "Alice in Wonderland" with this Queen of Hearts figurine. Designed by Miami-based pop artist Romero Britto, this figurine is a fantastic conversation starter and one of the funniest croquet gifts.

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Funny Coffee Mug

Featuring the phrase "It takes big balls to play croquet," this coffee mug adds a touch of humor to your favorite croquet player's morning routine.

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Unicorn and Rainbow Croquet Set

Bring magic to your lawn with the Unicorn and Rainbow Croquet Set, designed for ages 3 and up. This enchanting set includes six wickets, two mallets, and two balls, making it an ideal croquet gift for kids.

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Croquet Ball Replacement Set

Ensure the croquet fun never stops with a set of six vibrant replacement croquet balls, compatible with 28'' and 32'' six-player croquet sets. These practical croquet gifts keep players ready for action.

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Oversized Kick Croquet Outdoor Game

HearthSong's Oversized Kick Croquet Game for kids combines the fun of kickball and the skill of croquet. With two 14" cloth-covered balls, seven wickets, and two finish flags, this gift encourages kids to practice their aim and kicking skills while having a blast.

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Vintage Wall Art

Show off your love for the game with this vintage wall art featuring a colorful, sexy girl croquet player. This unique and eye-catching piece is perfect for adding a touch of retro charm to any room.

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Croquet Coffee Mug

The "Croquet Master" coffee mug is a funny and practical gift for any croquet enthusiast. With a humorous print, it will bring a smile to their face each morning.

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Croquet Legend Hoodie

Keep your croquet legend warm and stylish with this black hoodie, boasting a bold white print that proclaims their passion for the game.

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Artificial Grass Table Runners

Elevate your croquet-themed party with these artificial grass table runners. These decorations are perfect for creating an immersive, festive atmosphere.

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Croquet: Rules of the Game and Official Laws

Expand your croquet knowledge with this classic reprint of George William Russell's book. A great gift for both beginners and seasoned players, it offers a comprehensive guide to the game's rules and official laws.

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Just A Girl Who Loves Croquet Sketchbook

For the artistic croquet enthusiast, choose this delightful travel-friendly sketchbook as a gift. With its charming "Just A Girl Who Loves Croquet" cover, it provides the perfect canvas for doodling, sketching, and note-taking on the go.

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Set of 9 White Croquet Wickets

Upgrade your croquet set with these sturdy 7-gauge replacement square croquet arches. Made in the USA, this set of 9 white wickets is a practical gift for the devoted croquet enthusiast.

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Flamingo Mallet Accessory Standard

Inspired by the iconic scene in Alice in Wonderland, this quirky mallet will turn heads and bring smiles to players and spectators alike.

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Six Player Croquet Set

The outdoor croquet set is perfect for family fun, complete with six 28" colorful mallets, six colored balls, two 18" ending stakes, nine steel wickets, a manual, and an extra-large portable carry bag. Croquet gifts like this set create memorable experiences and encourage healthy outdoor leisure time.

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