17 Thoughtful Surrogacy Gifts for Intended Parents which Will Be Appreciated

Surrogacy Gifts for Intended Parents


Navigating the intricate tapestry of emotions, hopes, and dreams that come with surrogacy is a journey like no other. Whether it’s the elation of hearing that first heartbeat or the shared anticipation of each approaching milestone, intended parents experience a unique blend of joy, anxiety, and gratitude. Choosing a gift that genuinely honors this profound voyage is no small feat. However, with the right sentiment, even the simplest of tokens can become a cherished keepsake. If you’re searching for that perfect gesture to celebrate, comfort, or simply say ‘I understand and support you’, delve into our carefully curated list of 17 thoughtful surrogacy gifts every intended parent will appreciate. Let’s embark on this journey together.


Our Pick

New Baby Card

Welcoming a new life into the world is a momentous occasion. To convey heartfelt wishes and joy to intended parents, this greeting card (check out our messages and quotes), adorned with an endearing animal scene and shimmering foil embellishments, offers the perfect sentiment. Its message celebrates the arrival of their "sweet little one" into their incredible family. Crafted with authentic style, it's a touching gesture that effortlessly bridges emotions, making it a top pick together with a handwritten letter among surrogate gift ideas.

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Made With Lots Of Love And A Little Bit Of Science

With a sprinkle of humor and a dose of reality, this infant creeper captures the unique journey many intended parents go through during a surrogate pregnancy. It's not only an adorable wear for the baby but a statement that celebrates the beautiful blend of love and science.

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Pregnancy Journal

This comprehensive journal provides a haven for moms-to-be to document their entire pregnancy journey. Packed with trackers, vision boards, and even spaces for ultrasound photos, it's more than just a journal—it's a treasure trove of memories. Great Gift baskets filled with essentials for the entire family can be complemented beautifully with this thoughtful diary, making it a perfect baby shower present.

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Experiencing Surrogacy: Perspective and Advice from a Surrogate’s and Intended Parent’s Pregnancy Journey Together

Delve into the emotional roller-coaster of surrogacy with a true story centered around a girl named Ava. This book presents a dual perspective, with contributions from both the surrogate and the intended parent. A recommended read for anyone exploring the realm of surrogacy, it offers valuable insights, illuminating the trials, tribulations, and joys inherent in the process.

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Relaxing Spa Gift Basket Set

Specially curated for the incredible women in our lives, this spa gift basket offers an exquisite selection of pampering products. From a cozy throw blanket to a scented candle, it provides a complete relaxation experience. Perfect for intended parents needing some relaxation or a special surrogate gift idea, this set ensures recipients feel cherished and rejuvenated.

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Trio Ultrasound Picture

Amidst the buzz of preparations and excitement, the modern elegance of the Trio Ultrasound Picture Frame stands out. Designed with high-clarity glass and encased in a premium wooden frame, it seamlessly blends with contemporary interiors, be it a work desk, living hall, or nursery. As a thoughtful gesture, this frame captures the essence of early pregnancy, making it a perfect gift for expecting moms and first-time dads. What's more, it adds a touch of elegance to any pregnancy announcement or gender reveal, ensuring that memories of this special phase are preserved beautifully.

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Dad and Mom Gift Set

Celebrating the journey of parenthood requires a touch of humor and relaxation. This delightful couple glass set, comprising a 'Mom Off Duty' stemless wine glass and a 'Dad Off Duty' beer glass, is a witty nod to the playful side of becoming parents. Crafted with top-notch material and an enduring design, these glasses are perfect for intended parents who deserve a lighthearted break. Whether for special occasions or just a regular evening, this set is a novel way to toast to the beautiful adventure ahead.

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Surrogacy Necklace

In the heartfelt journey of surrogacy, emotions run deep. Offering a poignant symbol of love and hope, this pendant intricately combines baby feet detailing, making it a touching token of appreciation. Whether intended parents wish to cherish their journey or express gratitude to their surrogate mother, this jewelry piece serves as a tangible representation of a shared dream realized.

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Baby Ultrasound Picture Frame New Mom Gifts

Pregnancy is an enthralling voyage filled with treasured memories. This elegant MDF wood frame, accentuated with a handmade string red heart design, perfectly captures those unforgettable moments. The poignant message, "Love at first sight", resonates with the powerful emotions intended parents feel. Whether used for pregnancy announcements or simply to cherish that special ultrasound, it's a keepsake that beautifully merges function and sentiment.

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Child Baby Memory Book

Every little moment with a newborn holds a universe of emotions and memories. This eco-friendly memory book, crafted with style and durability, invites intended parents to capture their child's first milestones. Simplified for the modern, busy parent, it's a harmonious blend of a journal and a photo album. By storing cherished memories in this lasting legacy, families ensure that the echoes of those first giggles, steps, and words remain forever vibrant.

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Mom Tote Bag

Crafted with high-quality canvas, this versatile bag proves a durable companion for various occasions. Its structure, featuring a main compartment and an internal pocket, ensures functionality and security with a snap button closure. Whether used as a diaper bag, shopping tote, or beach carrier, it's an ideal choice for intended parents, particularly new moms on the go.

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Sophia's Broken Crayons: A Story of Surrogacy from a Young Child's Perspective

Navigating the topic of surrogacy with youngsters can be intricate. Sophia's touching tale, aimed at children aged 2 to 6, provides a sensitive portrayal of the surrogacy experience. Through the metaphor of shared crayons, this narrative simplifies complex emotions, making it an enlightening read for intended parents wishing to introduce surrogacy discussions with their little ones.

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Layered Morse Code Bracelets

Celebrate the strength of a mother with the "Badass Mama" Bohemia Beaded Strand Bracelet. Encoded in elegant Morse code, it's a stylish and subtle nod to the resilience and beauty of motherhood, making it a heartfelt small gift for any mom embarking on the surrogacy journey.

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What to Expect the First Year

Navigating parenthood can be a whirlwind, especially for first-timers. This best-loved guide, packed with month-by-month insights, provides the instructions that many intended parents wish babies came with. It's a lifeline, offering practical advice to help families take on the challenges of the first year with confidence.

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Your Pea, My Pod: A Surrogacy Keepsake Journal

Cherishing the journey of surrogate pregnancy becomes easier with this guided journal. It offers both the gestational carrier and intended parents an intimate space to capture memories, from preparation to the baby's arrival. This keepsake can be gifted at a baby shower, or simply saved as a timeless memoir of a shared experience.

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Surrogacy Survival Kit Pregnancy Zipper Pouch

Every surrogate journey has its essentials, and this makeup bag offers a compact storage solution. Simplistic yet functional, it stands as a special gift for intended parents, helping organize those must-haves during the surrogacy journey, making it a wonderful addition to surrogate gift ideas.

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Sonogram Picture Frame

Every week of pregnancy is a journey unto itself, filled with growth, changes, and excitement. Capturing these moments becomes invaluable. This sonogram frame offers a delightful and interactive way for intended parents to track their baby's growth, likening it to the size of fruits and vegetables from weeks 8-40. Not only is it a keepsake frame, but it's also a creative timeline of the pregnancy, making it a unique and sentimental gift that soon-to-be moms and dads will cherish. Plus, the convenience of the double-sided numbers ensures a hassle-free experience during this special journey.

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