19 Best Outdoor Drinking Games for Adults Who Love a Good Time and Love a Drink

Do you like to drink? Do you like being outdoors? Do you like having fun? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this article is for you!

We all know that drinking and being outdoors is a winning combination. But what if we could take that combination and make it even better? With getting a workout and getting a little hammered while playing our best outdoor drinking games, of course!


What is the most fun drinking game? This article covers 19 outdoor drinking games that are excellent for people who appreciate a great time and like to drink. These outdoor drinking games are excellent for adding excitement and competition to any party, camping trip, or get-together. Look no further for some fun new ways to drink six packs outdoors! Get yourself a full beer and get inspired. Trust me, there are way more outside drinking games than classic beer pong.



1. Beersbee aka Beer Frisbee

Alright, let’s start with our first outdoor drinking game.

What you will need is a frisbee, two poles, and two emptied bottles. Beersbee is a summer outdoor beverage game that involves two teams of at least two players each trying to knock out the opponent’s empty bottle. This will be your new favorite beach drinking game.


Your pole and the other team’s pole will be positioned 20-30 meters apart, and two empty bottles are standing on your and the other team’s pole. The team throwing tries to knock off the other group’s bottle.


If the team throws and hits your beer bottle off, that’s 2 drinks, if they hit the pole that’s one. If you catch the beer jug or pole then your opposing team has to take a drink. If someone drops the bottle or pole then they have to take a drink.



beer pong


2. Beer Pong

Beer Pong – the classic for many reasons. Why? It’s one of these outdoor drinking games that are easy to learn, set up, and play. All you need is a table, drinking cups, a ping -pong ball, and two beers each – then you’re ready to go. You need teams of two and the aim is to throw the ping pong ball into the other team’s plastic cups – if you’re successful; they have to drink the contents of that plastic cup. The team that gets rid of all the cups first wins!


If you want to make things more interesting, there are plenty of variations of beer pong you can try out. These include using different-shaped tables, playing with multiple ping pong balls at once, or even introducing additional rules such as ‘bouncing’ the ball before it goes into a cup.



3. High Noon

Whether it is Cowboys fans and Cowboys fans, or just want to enjoy an enjoyable beer with your friends and have a great time with their buddies, high noon is one of the outdoor drinking games everyone is looking forward to.


What is the High Noon drinking game? In High Noon the game starts with two players facing off by taking turns chugging a beer as fast as they can. After they finish their beers, they walk ten paces away from each other and turn around to face each other.


They then must try to crush their cans and throw them at each other. The first person to make contact with the can wins the game.

Those are simple games until you think about people throwing beer bottles at you when you have a glass of water in your hand. Still a good drinking game.



4. Flonky Ball

Drinking games are set up for people that lose their round drinking.

Often the drinkers, however, do so hoping to drink more.

The Flonky Ball game is different. The group that finishes first with their beers wins.


In Flonky ball, there is one empty beer bottle in the center of the garden. Two foul lines are located around ten meters from one team. Use a football or tennis ball to hit the bottle. If someone from the throwing team knocks the bottle down, they drink their beers.


The other team must run to the bottle and put it up again and yell stop. When they shout stop, the drinking team must stop drinking. The first group that finishes a beer gets an honor.



ping pong ball


5. Flip Cup

Welcome, valiant Flip Cup warriors! Today we battle for glory in the sacred rite of Flip Cup! May the best team win!


To start, each player fills his own cup with beer or some other drink. Then players face off against their opponents. The teams should have an equal number of players. If that’s not possible, you can still play the Flip Cup.


The player on the left (or right) of the row toasts his opponent on the other side of the table. They both empty their cups as quickly as possible.


Then they place their cups on the edge of the table with the opening facing upwards. Now they have to “flip” them until they land with the opening on the table and stop.

Once a player has made the flip, he puts his hand on the cup.

Now it is the turn of the next player in the team. However, he does not toast but begins to drink and then flips. As in the relay race, the team whose players all have an upturned cup in front of them wins in Flip Cup.



6. Dizzy Bateman

Drinking games that will leave you intoxicated quickly can provide a lifetime of glorious memories. To be honest, this happens most of the time when you play outdoor drinking games.

This one requires a lot of coordination, but if you are outstanding at playing it, then you might earn some great laughs from your friends.

For this game, you will need a plastic Wiffle ball bat and an empty can. Create teams and compete against each other.


The first player chugs a beer, then places their forehead on the handle of the bat and swings around 10 times. After that, they smash the can. They select a player from the second team to throw the smashed can at the first player.

If you knock the can during the first 3 throws, everyone on the other team must have a drink. If you don’t touch the can, your team must take a drink.


Who comes out on top? Who loses? In all seriousness, it’s anyone’s game. But no matter who wins or loses, the most important part is how you play the game and that every team drinks!



7. Drunk Waiter

This is one of those drinking games that is more about balance than anything else. You will need a tray, some plastic cups, and beers. You can play the game with two teams.


The starting team has to fill the cups with beer and then put them on the tray. They must then walk around the room, spilling no beer. If they spill any beer, they have to start again. The second team has to make the other team spill their beer by bumping them or anything else.


The first team that gets all their beers around the garden without spilling them wins the game. But, as with all drinking games, the most important element is that everyone has a a marvelous time and enjoys outdoor drinking.



drinking game rules


8. Beer Darts

Darts and empty bottles are necessary. It is also possible to play outside during the four seasons of beer darts with two players throwing darts into their respective cans during the game.


The game is straightforward. Line up the bottles (or cans) and take turns throwing darts at them. If you hit the bottle, then the other team has to drink. If you miss, then your team has to drink. The first side to finish their drinks loses.


This is a great outdoor drinking game for parties or any large gathering. It is also a great way to get people drunk quickly.



9. Kan Jam – Team Active Outdoor Drinking Game

Kam Jam is the perfect game for those who love beer and the Ultimate Frisbee. All you need are two frisbees and two trash cans or buckets. You can play the game with two sides of two people each.


The target of the game is to score points by throwing the frisbee into the trash can or bucket. This fun outdoor drinking game is perfect for those who love to be active and have a good time. So grab some friends, some cold beers, and get ready for Kam Jam!



10. Golf Beer Pong

Beer pong, minus the cups and some golf clubs? Sign me up!

This new backyard game is called beer pong golf, and it’s just as exceptional as it sounds. You set up two cornhole boards at an incline, and then try to sink 8 golf balls into the cups. It’s harder than regular beer pong, but that just makes it even more fun. So grab your drinking buddies and get ready for some serious competition!



11. Spikeball

Spikeball is an outdoor drinking game that is appealing to any level of ability.

This is one of the best beach drinking games. The rules are straightforward:

You need a beach ball, 4 people, and four cups.

Set the cups up in a triangle formation and hit the ball into the other team’s cups.

If the opposing team hits the ball into your cup, you must drink.

The first team to make all the other team’s cups win.



12. Ladder Golf

Ladder golf is a popular game that has easy learning and easy playing.

Various players throw two golf balls attached by rope on a ladder.

You gain points if you attach your bolts to the ladder and you can assign alcohol penalties to opponents’ teams. Simple.



outdoor game


13. Drunken Jenga

You need a Jenga set and some alcohol.

Write different commands or dares on each block of wood before you play the game.

As players pull out blocks and complete the task, they must drink.

The last person standing wins the game.






14. Cornhole

Cornhole is a drinking game that is very popular at parties and tailgates. You have two players, each with a cornhole board. The goal of the game is to throw bean bags into the other player’s cornhole board.

If you throw a bag in the hole, you earn 3 points. If you throw a bag on the board, you earn 1 point. The first player with 21 points wins the game.


One thing that makes cornhole so much fun is that it is a straightforward game to learn how to play, but it is also a lot of fun to participate.


There is a lot of strategy involved in trying to outsmart your opponent. And, of course, everyone loves to drink and party while playing this game!



15. Giant Beer Pong Yard Drinking Game

Giant beer pong is the same as normal beer pong, besides the fact that they can play it only outdoors and the cups are much larger.

You have two teams of two guys each. As a cup, you can use old buckets or garbage cans and as a ball, you can use footballs or tennis balls. Simple.



16. Stump

If you’re looking for a drinking game that will test your skills, Stump is the perfect choice!

To play, you’ll need a sturdy tree stump with nails hammered into it. Each player takes a turn throwing and catching the hammer, then hammering a nail into the stump.

The player whose nail gets hammered must drink. Be careful – this game is the most dangerous drinking game and can lead to serious intoxication!



17. Ice-cube Trays

These tiny ice cubes on the ice tray can give you a good little drink.

The Ice Cube Drinking Game requires you to get poured into a straw as much as possible before a full Ice cube tray is dry.

It’ll never be as simple as it appears, but you can almost guarantee the leaves of the straw are small droplets. Play two people at once – whoever has drunk all their drinks wins.



18. Beerathlon

Form teams of two and head out on a race that involves beer, lots of it. You’ll need to carry a beer crate with you, but you must drink all the beers in it before you cross the finish line. If you spill any beer, you’re disqualified from the race.


The first team to cross the finish line with an empty beer crate is the winner! This game will not only test your physical fitness but also your tolerance for alcohol.


People of all levels of ability can enjoy many outdoor drinking games. All the games on this list are fun outdoor drinking games. Some of the most popular games include cornhole, ladder golf, and drunken Jenga.


These games are also great to play while you are having a bbq. Remember to drink responsibly, have a great time, and have a designated driver if necessary.


One last tip, if you’re playing games that require some people to sit out for a short period, here’s the ultimate drinking game that everyone can play alongside all day long.



outdoor drinking games


19. Buffalo – One of the best Outdoor Drinking Games

Welcome to the Buffalo Drinking Game!

If you want to play with your friends, there is only one important rule you must follow: you must never hold the beer in the right hand.


For left-handed players, they must never hold it in their left hand. If you catch someone breaking this rule, they must drink. If you falsely accuse a player of breaking this rule, you must drink your own beer straight up.

Players who use both hands in principle must commit to one hand at the beginning. Have fun!


So what are you waiting for? Get out there and have some fun with these great drinking games! And remember to drink responsibly. Cheers!


Disclaimer: this list of outdoor drinking games is for adults. If you are under the legal drinking age, please stop drinking and put your drink back down.


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