23 Unconventional Die Hard Gifts for the Ultimate Fan

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For those who can quote John McClane’s iconic “Yippee-ki-yay” line in their sleep or have debated the film’s Christmas movie status, this journey is for you. We’ve scoured the depths of Die Hard fandom to bring you the most unique and thrilling gifts for the ultimate enthusiast. But before we dive into the gift list, let’s explore a couple of burning questions.


Why Do People Watch Die Hard at Christmas?

The age-old debate: Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie? Some argue that it’s merely set during the holiday season, while others believe it embodies the true spirit of Christmas, albeit with more explosions and fewer carolers. The answer lies in the unique blend of action, heartwarming moments, and that ever-present holiday backdrop. Die Hard at Christmas offers a refreshing alternative to the traditional festive fare, providing an adrenaline rush alongside your eggnog.


Why is Die Hard So Beloved?

Die Hard isn’t just a movie; it’s a cultural phenomenon. But what makes it so beloved? Is it Bruce Willis’s iconic portrayal of the wisecracking hero? The unforgettable villains? The suspenseful plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat? Well, it’s all of that and more. Die Hard combines heart-pounding action with witty humor, memorable characters, and a sense of vulnerability in its hero that we can all relate to. It’s a story of an ordinary guy doing extraordinary things, and that’s a universal theme that resonates with fans worldwide.


Now, as you browse through our list of unconventional Die Hard gifts, don’t forget that we also have an article for the birthday star: “40 Bruce Willis ‘Die Hard Quotes’ That Scream ‘Yippee-Ki-Yay’.” Check it out to discover the perfect addition to their special day.


Our Pick

Die Hard Christmas Ornament: Lights Up!

They detailed the ornament with the iconic scene where McClane’s has a lighter in a hand and is in the air ducts on the Nakatomi building. The lighter illuminates, which is just one small way of commemorating this epic moment in the movie. This die hard gift is an exceptional way to brighten up a tree and provide them with a pleasant reminder of their favorite holiday classic all throughout the holiday season.

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Ugly Christmas Sweater

This iconic Nakatomi Plaza Christmas Party 1988 crewneck sweater is an original die hard gift idea. This sweater features a classic design that pays homage to the action-packed ‘80s movie, complete with a festive twist. Made of comfortable fabric, it will keep you warm during your holiday gatherings. Plus, it’s the perfect addition to any Die Hard collection!

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The Eighties - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle captures the spirit of the Eighties and features cool characters from classic films such as Die Hard, Ghostbusters and The Goonies. This makes for a fun and challenging activity for any fan!

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Die Hard 5-Movie Collection [Blu-ray]

This Collection is the ideal gift for any action motion picture fan! The set includes all five classic films in high definition Blu-Ray quality, allowing viewers to experience all of John McClane’s most explosive adventures with brilliant visuals and sound. With over 15 hours of intense thrills and exciting bonus features, this collection will make any Die Hard fan thrilled.

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Coffee Mug

This humorous gift isn’t afraid to make a statement. The simple, yet bold design will let anyone know exactly where they stand in the debate of whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not. Get this gift and spark conversations with fellow fans while enjoying hot drinks!

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Funko Pop Movies: Die Hard - John McClane

The Funko Pop features an iconic figure of the hero John McClane. The collectible figurine stands 3 and 3/4 inches tall and captures the action-packed spirit of the movie with its unique and detailed design. This highly sought after collectible will make any fan of the popular action movie happy.

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Hand Drawn Poster 20-30 inch Poster

This poster features a unique and detailed hand-drawn design and measures - 30 inches, which makes it perfect for displaying in your home or office. It will be an eye catching addition to any room!

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Die Hard: The Authorized Coloring and Activity Book

This book is the perfect gift to bring some fun and nostalgia to a holiday party. Fans of the classic Christmas movie can relive iconic moments from the film through intricate illustrations, puzzles, games and more. Inside this book are 96 pages of detailed artwork for adults and children alike to enjoy!

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A Die Hard Christmas Gift Set

The best-selling holiday classic storybook A Die Hard Christmas is now a charming holiday gift set. Based on the fan-favorite Christmas movie Die Hard, this set comes with a plush toy of hero John McClane (complete with suction cup attachment for easy hanging) and the illustrated adult storybook. 

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Die Hard Photo Wall Art

Die Hard Photo Wall Art is an iconic piece for fans of the film franchise as it features a snapshot of their hero John McClane in action. This timeless piece of art shows McClane in one of the most famous scenes, where he stands in the air ducts of Nakatomi Tower holding a lighter.

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John McClane Kitchen Hand Towels

Die Hard kitchen hand towels are a great gift idea to add a few laughs to any kitchen. Ideal for any fan of the cherished action-packed classic. These hand towels make a unique, practical gift that will bring back memories each time they’re used.

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Vintage Movie Poster Die Hard

The poster is a great gift idea from the iconic action film starring Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman and Joel Silver. The poster features Alan Rickman and will remind fans of this classic Christmas movie every time they look at it.

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Die Hard Christmas T-shirt

Yippee Ki Yay! This Die Hard Christmas T-shirt is the perfect gift and features a cool design of John McClane’s famous quote ‘Yippee Ki Yay’ and includes festive elements like snowflakes, guns and a Christmas tree. Your holiday party will light up with this fun and stylish t-shirt!

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Christmas Advent Calendar

This Christmas Advent Calendar is an excellent gift for any Die Hard fan! It features a 3D replica of Nakatomi Plaza, where Hans Gruber famously dropped from the roof in the movie.

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Die Hard T-shirt

This ‘It’s Not Christmas Until Hans Gruber Falls from Nakatomi Tower ‘ T-shirt is appropriate for any fan of the classic Christmas movie. This stylish t-shirt features a special design that captures one of the most impressive scenes in the film.

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Die Hard Notebook

This Die Hard Notebook and Pen Set is useful and features a stylish cover design of John McClane.

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Funko POP! Die Hard Collectors Set

This Funko POP! Die Hard Collectors Set is a must-have! This unique set includes four stylized figurines that capture memorable scenes from the film, including John McClane, Hans Gruber, Tony Vreski and Al Powell. You can put them on your shelf or desk and they will be the envy of any Die Hard fan.

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Die Hard Movie Button Set - Set of 4 Button Set

This set includes four buttons, each featuring a unique design inspired by memorable scenes from the film. It’s a great way to show your love for this iconic movie and makes for an extra special stocking stuffer!

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Movie Poster Die Hard (1988) - 11 x 17

This Poster is the perfect way to display your love for this timeless classic. It features a unique design capturing the Nakatomi Plaza Christmas Party and John McClane.

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Ornament - Yippee-Ki-Yay

This unique and eye-catching ornament features a hand-carved design of the famous quote, ‘Yippee Ki Yay’. It’s made from raw wood, making it an extra special gift.

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John McClane NYPD Replica Badge

They made this replica badge from high quality and it features a unique design that captures all the details of John’s original badge from the film. I am sure this will grant you access to many places!

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Bruce Willis as John McClane Print

This print is11 x 17 and captures a memorable scene from the film, featuring Bruce Willis as John McClane with a cigarette in his mouth looking tough and determined.

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Men’s Cotton Tank Undershirts Pack

Do you want to look as badass as the legend John McClane himself? They designed this Die Hard tank undershirt pack to have you look and feel the part. Designed for comfort and style, this tank top set comes with two different colors that will make sure you stand out from the crowd. This pack includes three comfortable and breathable undershirts, each with a unique design featuring quotes from the film.

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