12 How I Met Your Mother Gifts That Are Legendary

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Step into the world of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ with our handpicked selection of ’12 How I Met Your Mother Gifts That Are Legendary’! Perfect for the Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Barney in your life, our guide brings the charm and wit of this beloved series into gift form. After thoroughly testing and reliving our favorite HIMYM moments, we’ve curated gifts that capture the heart, humor, and legendary spirit of the show.


Whether you’re a long-time enthusiast or new to the gang at MacLaren’s, these gifts are more than just merchandise; they’re a ticket to countless memories and laughs. From our extensive experience as fans and gift-givers, we assure you each item has the magic to make any HIMYM lover exclaim, ‘This is awesome!’


What is the Golden Rule in How I Met Your Mother?

The essence of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is beautifully encapsulated in its golden rule: cherish the journey of life, love, and the unexpected turns. Whether you’re on a quest like Ted or living legendarily like Barney, it’s about the bonds we forge and the stories we create.


As you explore these ’12 How I Met Your Mother Gifts’, you’ll find each one embodies this golden rule, celebrating the series’ timeless themes of friendship and adventure. Let’s dive into this collection, where each gift is not just a present, but a piece of the HIMYM legacy!




How I Met Your Mother Trivia Night: Fun Facts Quiz

If you’re brainstorming for a special gift for the How I Met Your Mother enthusiast in your life, an exciting trivia night complete with a Fun Facts Quiz should do the trick! Show off your knowledge of the complete series. Deck out your venue in yellow umbrellas and ‘suits’, invite the gang over, and be prepared to laugh out loud as you guess who said “You just got Slapped!”. It will lead to hours of Ted Mosby-themed hilarious fun!


How I Met Your Mother Coffee Mug

A stylish and eye-catching How I Met Your Mother mug is a great way to fill their cup with joy. Show your staunch admirer how much you care by getting them a mug that celebrates one of their favorite TV shows! The symbols shown are laser tag, a pineapple, playbook, true story, a suit and the blue French horn, for example.




The Bro Code

The Bro Code by Barney Stinson is the perfect gift for any How I Met Your Mother fan worth their salt! Nothing quite encapsulates TV show‘s defining character more effectively than this classic manual that details bro-to-bro etiquette as overseen by Barney himself. Whether it’s a birthday gift or just to show you care, this paperback is sure to bring a smile to the face of any TRUE HIMYM fan. Get ready to hear perpetual laughs, bros and broettes!


Blue French Horn

If you know a HIMYM fan who likes to bring sitcom references into all aspects of their life, then a blue French Horn ornament is the perfect gift idea! The iconic instrument, featured in the show, will add a touch of humor and classic TV nostalgia to any living room or office table. Let them reminisce about all their favorite episode moments from the show with each glance at this blue French Horn ornament – there’s no better present for HIMYM fans out there!


Yellow Umbrella 

The true fans of How I met your Mother will jump right out of their seats when they receive a yellow umbrella as a gift! We have seen the iconic yellow umbrella throughout the show as a symbol for true love, as showed by Ted and Robin throughout their on/off relationship. This beautiful gift will remind genuine fans how fate brought two people from different worlds together through the power of true love.


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HIMYM Tote Bag

Are you looking to surprise a How I Met Your Mother fan? Look no further than the HIMYM blue French Horn-themed tote bag! This unique and fun bag will add some whimsy to any outfit, with the words ‘How I Met Your Mother Alphabet’ written on it in bold blue lettering. Not only does it feature an iconic blue French Horn but also many other famous symbols to be admired by any dedicated HIMYM fan out there.


Airpods Case Cover

Finding the perfect gift for a How I Met Your Mother TV show fan can be tricky, especially if you’re looking for something unique and personal. A perfect gift idea is an Airpods case cover featuring all the symbols from the show, including Barney Stinson’s signature suit, the silver and blue French horn that Ted Mosby brings over to Robin’s apartment after their first date, the yellow umbrella used by Ted’s kids to find him his future wife, and many more charming items.

How I Met Your Mother Aesthetic Wall Poster

Finding the right gift for a How I Met Your Mother lover can be tough. A wall poster featuring the entire gang is perfect for any show enthusiast. Friendships are often cemented by shared experiences, much like Lily, Marshall, and their friends have experienced over the years, so why not give a special someone something to commemorate their Legend – wait for it – dairy? This aesthetic and awesome wall poster will bring a smile to any fan’s face, no matter where or when they choose to hang it; from the Mosby Apartment to MacLaren’s Pub and beyond.


HIMYM Cosmetic Bag

If someone you know is a huge lover of the popular TV show How I Met Your Mother, then why not surprise them with an awesome HIMYM cosmetic bag? It’s a perfect gift they can use to keep all their favorite makeup and beauty bits and pieces. Not to mention it doubles as a great conversation starter with other fans of their favorite show!

Barney Stinson Funko Pop!

When it comes to gifting, challenge accepted! For true How I Met Your Mother lovers, a Barney Stinson Funko Pop! will capture the essence of everyone’s favorite legendary liar. What better way to honor the mischievous charmer than immortalizing him in this collectible figure?



Ducky Tie

A Ducky Tie is the PERFECT gift for any How I Met Your Mother enthusiast. Not only is it stylish and fun (not to mention highly Instagrammable!) but it’s a great conversation starter – after all, everyone in the bro code knows how Barney popularized the Ducky Tie! Whether you know someone who loves close-up magic, likes to rock a suit at every opportunity (even if it’s observing Record Store Day from the comfort of their home!), or aspires to live life by the bro code – consider gifting them with a quirky ducky tie and you’re sure to win some brownie points.



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