Gift for Filipino Mom: Celebrating Heritage and Love

Gift for Filipino Mom


When you Google “gift for Filipino mom”, you’ll find a plethora of ideas, but truly understanding what makes a gift special requires delving deeper into the heart of Filipino culture. A realm of warmth, enduring family ties, and time-honored traditions awaits. While the Philippines is known for its pristine beaches and tantalizing cuisine, it’s the intimate familial moments that stand out the most. Before selecting that perfect gift, it’s worth exploring our Filipino gift-giving etiquette article. And as every gift tells a story, echoing memories and rich heritage, consider enhancing your gesture with heartfelt words from our Filipino birthday wishes article.


What is a Good Gift for a Philippines Woman?

Whether it’s your own mother, a dear friend, or a respected elder, delving into the myriad of possibilities can open up a world of choices deeply rooted in Filipino culture and modern trends alike. So, let’s embark on this journey of discovery together!


Our Pick

Manila Philippines - Vintage Travel Poster

Travel back in time to the vibrant streets of 1950s Manila! Crafted using eco-friendly paper, this vintage poster is more than wall art—it's a journey. Bringing memories of the Philippines to life, it’s the ideal gift for Filipino moms to reminisce and celebrate their culture.

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Metal Sign-I Love You

Every home has a story, and what better way to share yours than with this charming metal sign? Proclaiming love in Filipino, it's a heartwarming blend of affection and culture. Whether for the coffee nook or the bar area, it's sure to brighten any Filipino mom's day.

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Philippine Sun Necklace

Embrace your Filipino heritage with this stunning necklace. Symbolizing Filipina pride, its elegant design is made of gold-plated stainless steel. Presented in a charming gift box adorned with the Philippine flag design, this piece speaks volumes about love for Filipino culture and is the perfect Mother's Day gift for a proud Filipino mother.

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Vintage 1734 Map of the Philippines

Travel back in time with this meticulous reproduction of a 1734 map of the Philippines. As both a historical artifact and artistic piece, it’s a perfect gift for Filipino moms who cherish their roots. Enrich her space with a touch of the past.

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Mahal Kita Earrings

Elevate the style while paying tribute to Filipino roots! These mismatched studs let you proudly declare love and embrace your heritage. Made with stainless steel and gold plating, they're hypoallergenic and enduring. The packaging? A striking Philippine Flag card design that whispers sweet stories of culture and identity. An elegant gift box seals the deal, making it a perfect gift for Filipino moms.

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I Am a Filipino: And This Is How We Cook

Dive deep into the flavorful world of Filipino cuisine with this award-winning cookbook. Recognized globally for its diverse and enchanting recipes, this book celebrates the unique fusion of influences in Filipino dishes. From the mouth-watering adobos to the vibrant meryenda, this cookbook brings a culinary journey to the kitchen, making it the best gift for those passionate about the heart and soul of Filipino cooking. Happy Mother's Day to every mom who embraces the tastes of the Philippines!

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Capiz Shell Wooden Framed Wall Art

Crafted by two passionate artisans, this coastal capiz shell wall art piece perfectly marries elegance with the raw beauty of nature. Each intricately designed piece, consisting of 189 capiz shells and encased in a solid wood frame, invokes the soothing ambiance of the sea with its calming sounds. Versatile in its appeal, it effortlessly complements various home decor styles, making it an exquisite and thoughtful gift for Filipino mom's home.

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Filipino Tapestry

Art, culture, and compassion all rolled into one! This tapestry isn't just a wall decor; it's a vibrant celebration of Filipino culture. Crafted from high-quality microfiber, it brightens up any space. It’s the perfect blend of beauty and purpose.

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Pilipinas Philippines Knit Scarf

Warmth and pride intertwine in this beautifully knit scarf. Celebrating the spirit of the Philippines, this double-sided accessory is both soft to the touch and fashion-forward. Its classic design ensures it's a timeless piece, ready to accompany your mom during chilly days. A heartfelt gift that seamlessly combines function and a touch of Philippine culture.

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Hanging Wall Basket Decor

Authentic handcrafted bamboo and rattan wall baskets. Enhance your space with Bohemian vibes and skilled artisan details, suitable for various interior styles.

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Philippines Flag Fleece Blanket

Wrap your beloved Filipino mom in the warmth of heritage with this fleece blanket adorned with the Philippine flag's colors. Super soft and cozy, it's perfect for chilly nights or outdoor events. A great way to bring a touch of Philippine culture to her everyday.

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Filipino Shoe Charms

Add a dash of Filipino pride to her footwear! These high-quality, PVC shoe charms come in a set of nine, each showcasing vibrant Filipino themes. Perfect for jazzing up her favorite clogs and a charming gift for any occasion.

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Car Mirror Mini Boxing Gloves

Channeling the spirit of Rocky Balboa with a Filipino twist, these mini boxing gloves are the ideal accessory for your car or backpack. A subtle nod, but one that resonates with Filipino pride and heritage. Drive or walk with a piece of the Philippines by your side!

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Filipino Hoody

Gift the comfort of this pull-on hoody that screams Filipino pride! Crafted with a blend of polyester and cotton, it's perfect for a laid-back day. A trendy addition to her wardrobe that's USA-made with a hint of Philippine spirit.

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Filipino Lola Apron

Every Filipino mom is also a lola at heart! This 100% cotton apron, boasting an adjustable design, is perfect for those delightful cooking sessions. Celebrate her culinary flair and Filipino roots, all in one.

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Filipino Flag Speed Bottle Opener

Crack open memories and bottles with ease using this robust stainless steel bottle opener, emblazoned with the Filipino flag. Ideal for those festive family gatherings, it’s the perfect mix of function and Filipino pride.

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Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug

Can a sip of your favorite beverage make you feel closer to home? Absolutely! Tailored for Filipinos, this modern travel mug is a heartwarming reminder of one's roots. It's not just a vessel; it's a celebration of Filipino humor and identity. What’s more, the double-wall insulation keeps drinks just right for hours. Hot coffee or iced tea, bring it on!

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Mahal Kita Locket Necklace

Jewelry has a magical way of capturing memories and sentiments. Imprinted with the loving words "Mahal Kita", this locket doesn't just hold photos; it cradles stories close to the heart. A precious tribute to Filipino love and beauty, it's the best gift for moms to wear and cherish.

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Trucker Cap

Nothing says classic quite like a two-tone foam trucker cap. But this isn’t just any cap; it's a bold declaration: “Have no fear, the Filipino is here!” It’s a stylish nod to culture, designed for comfort, and a surefire way to make Filipino moms stand out and feel proud.

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Filipino Desk Flag

When words fall short, symbols speak! Flaunt your pride with these Filipino desk flags. With their bright, UV-resistant colors, they're a radiant emblem of national pride. Whether it's for parades or office tables, it’s a classic way to honor and celebrate one’s Filipino roots.

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Filipino Toothpick Flags

Add a touch of Filipino flair to any occasion! These toothpick flags are not just festive; they're symbols of pride and unity. Whether it's a holiday party or a wedding banquet, they sprinkle a bit of Filipino culture on every table. Perfect for Filipino moms who cherish their traditions.

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Picnic Quilt Blanket

Robust, multi-layered picnic blanket with a straw-patterned PVC-free top. Sandproof and moisture-resistant, it's the ideal companion for a range of outdoor activities.

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3D Philippines Fridge Magnet

This 3D magnet beautifully represents the Philippines. Ideal for any magnetic surface, enhancing decor with a touch of Filipino charm.

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Philippines Blank Greeting Card

Elegantly crafted from pearl-esque paper, this luxurious greeting card is perfect for various occasions. Presented in a box with heart-shaped details. Interested in heartfelt messages? Explore our collection of quotes and messages.

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